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Coupon for Northwest SportsShow

Hey all,

I know many of you will be heading over to the Minneapolis Convention Center this week for the Sportshow.  This show usually signals the end of winter and beginning of spring.  I will be working the Secret Weapon Lures booth off and on for most of the week.

So if stopping by and saying Hi is not incentive enough here is a generous 25% off coupon to help stock your box with some premium Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits. 

If you have not checked out the innovative designs of the Secret Weapon Lure spinnerbait system yet, now is the time.   Check out the website or just stop by booth #721.  If I am not there, make sure to stop by and say Hi to Joe Haubenreich from SWL.  I look forward to showing how these baits will save you space in tackle storage as well as load your boat with more bass and other game fish!

Show Hours

  • Wednesday, April 2   1pm-9pm
  • Thursday, April 3   1pm-9pm
  • Friday, April 4  1pm-9pm
  • Saturday, April 5   10am-9pm
  • Sunday, April 6   10am-5pm

Also to save you a couple bucks on admission, check out this link on discount ticket info –

In Depth with Michael Murphy & the Ima Flit

Good News! This month’s emailer is all about the Flit, but also note that the first major shipment of ima Shaker crankbaits have arrived in stores, with more on the way. We will be doing a full story on the Shaker crankbait in April (not too far away). So please stay tuned, and kindly ask your local tackle shop to carry the ima Shaker crankbaitFlit jerkbait and Roumba wakebait too.

Interview with Michael Murphy on Spring Fishing with the Flit

ima has recently introduced it’s new Flit jerkbait, and  anglers everywhere are eager to be the first to try the new Flit this spring!

In this issue, Michael Murphy (“MM“), designer of the Flit is interviewed, with a question and answer session focused on fishing the Flit during the spring time.

This interview certainly won’t cover every facet of fishing the Flit. We’ve aimed at what you may need to know to get started with the Flit in March and continue using it in April and May. As you read, think spring time and what bass are doing now.  Later in the season, we will share additional tips on using the Flit – summer Flit tactics, fall and winter Flit tactics we will provide in future issues. For now, we hope you enjoy the interesting Flit facets below for spring fishing with the Flit. Thank you.

ima Flit designer Michael Murphy

Q?: To set the scene, what kind or rod, make or model do you fish with the Flit? What reel? What line?

MM: The rod I like to use is the Fenwick Elite Tech, ECPS69MH-F. This is actually a 6’9″ Pitching stick. I stand 6’5″ tall, and with the elevation of the boat bow above the water, standing on the front deck, this rod is the perfect rod for me to be able to point my rod tip straight down without dragging in the water. I believe this is critical for ease of use, to hold the rod straight down without hitting the water, but this will be different for everyone. For a shorter person, it may be a 6′ rod. Overall, I like a medium/heavy action rod with some good backbone but still a good amount of tip for casting, working the lure and for playing a fish gingerly if it is barely hooked.

Q?: How do you recommend to attach your line to the Flit? Why?

MM: Directly to the eyelet. Some like to use a clip on their jerkbaits, hoping to get more action. This action is already naturally build into the Flit without having to do this. Adding a clip would most likely result in the front hook continuously catching the line. A clip is not needed. Simply tie direct to the split ring already provided on the lure. As far as knots, any type of good cinch knot goes well with fluorocarbon, except I do not like to use a Palomar with fluorocarbon since I believe it increases the chances of knot failure, and I do like to use fluorocarbon on my Flit.

Q?: How deep does the Flit dive? Are there any certain types of cover or structure or something else specific that’s an ideal situation for the Flit due to its working depth?

MM: Many jerkbaits are first designed on looks (eye appeal) and then the bill is constructed to achieve action and depth. Since the Flit is designed based on the idea of matching the hatch and to mimic the cadence of baitfish, specifically of the herring family (i.e., blueback herring, gizzard shad and threadfin), the action is already built into the Flit body. The bill is there to only achieve depth, not impart action. If you would like it to achieve its maximum depth, point your rod tip down toward the water to obtain 8 feet of depth on 8 lb fluorocarbon or 6 feet of depth on 10 lb fluorocarbon. You may change the position of your rod tip to make it run shallower. With your rod tip pointing directly up at an eleven o’clock position, you can make it walk just beneath the surface. The Flit very effective, whether used to fish deep on bluff walls or shallow just under docks.

Q?: Is there anything you can do in terms of rod, line or retrieve or any other bait adjustment that lets you reach different depths? Is there anything that can make the difference of getting the Flit a couple of feet deeper or shallower?

MM: As mentioned above. line diameter and also line type do make a difference. The general idea whether using the ima Flit jerkbait or the ima Shaker crankbait, is the smaller the line diameter the deeper the bait will go, simply due to less line drag. However, with the Flit, the exception to this would be at rest. Mono floats and fluoro sinks. You could use this to your advantage to behave differently or run at different depths dependent on specific situations. Again, this will vary among line brands and types. No two lines are exactly the same.

Q?: Sometimes a bait gets categorized as a smallmouth killer or a spotted bass killer, or a largemouth magnet. Do you think the Flit has a special or higher appeal to smallmouth, spotted bass or largemouth? Why or why not?

MM: I couldn’t tell you. The Flit catches all three bass species equally and all very effectively. I think you can’t tag this type of reputation on the Flit, since all three species feed on members of the herring family, which makes them all equally vulnerable. I can tell you, with all three bass species there are no differences. They all eat it most excellently. If anything I would call it the “anything that swims and feeds on baitfish magnet” because it is not just with bass, but it could be redfish, pike, perch, gar, you name it. I have caught practically everything on the Flit so far.

Q?: Some anglers mention having a good jerkbait bite first thing in the morning, and then have it fade out and die on them by mid-morning. Is that something you’ve seen about the Flit bite? Is the Flit bite similar to what some have experienced with an early morning topwater bite, that it’s usually good at first light, and shuts down once the sun hits the water? Or is there anything you can do or any conditions or factors that make for a good Flit bite all day (or as long as those factors remain present)?

MM: No. It is not like that. As the sun comes up, I start to chase shadow lines. It may be the shadow line off of a bridge, dock, trees, bluffs, etc. Seems like bass will just pull tight to these shaded areas. It is not just with jerkbaits, I would say this applies with all lures under these early morning conditions and it is merely the natural behavior of how bass act. I say this, because I would never say a topwater bite will completely shut down. Instead, it will just change. I have had some of my best topwater days on Lake Lanier over 30 feet of water on clear bluebird days catching both spotted bass and largemouth. I think the shutting down of any bite or that sudden “lock jaw” is nothing more than a myth. Strike zones and the willingness to commit may become smaller, or how fish may hold to structure may change under changing conditions. However, at the end of the day. it is all basic behavior and simply what makes the best sense for how a bass can ambush its prey. Bass are always eating, it is just a matter of how or where. I have never seen a tournament where someone did not catch something. So I am not a big believer in a bite shutting down because the fish were not eating. The bite just changes or shifts. As anglers, we may lose the bite, but it’s still going on somewhere.

Q?: What would you say is the biggest error you see anglers make with jerkbaits?

MM: Certainly it’s stereotyping the technique. The belief that it is only good for spring and for post frontal situations. They (jerkbaits) are good all the time.

Q?: Overall, what action are you trying to create with a jerkbait, and with the Flit specifically? What impression are you trying to make on the bass with the Flit? Is it supposed to be an injured or disoriented baitfish – or a perfectly normal baitfish movement?

MM: Both. You can make it look disoriented or like a normal baitfish. Whatever condition or mood the bass may be in, you can match it. The Flit can be fished with random jerk and pause techniques, or with a consistent walking side to side motion. It is based on the concept like a Zoom Fluke or other soft jerkbait, or a topwater like a Super Spook. Both the Fluke and Spook have very effective actions. Now imagine being able to do that on a bigger scale, better and where you are more easily able to catch the fish that are just slapping at it and not really willing to commit. You’ll hook a good percentage of these non-committal fish with a jerkbait.

Q?: With the jerk component of the action you create, do you vary the jerk for different seasons or different reasons?

MM: Yes, the colder or less active the fish are, the tighter the walk or the shorter the jerks I will use with a longer pause. The warmer or more active the fish are, the harder I will lay into the jerks and the more frequent and consistent I will work the lure with less pauses.

Q?: With the pause component of the action you create, do you vary the pause for different seasons or different reasons?

MM: Yes, as mentioned above.

Q?: Which is the most important part, the jerk or the pause?

MM: It depends on the time of the year. Both are equally important. This goes back to the previous two questions.

Q?: What other elements are there to the action? Is the reeling an important element? How fast or how far you reel, do you vary that? Any other elements to the action except the jerk, the pause, the reeling?

MM: I typically reel a quarter to a half a turn per jerk. With this type of technique, the reel is nothing more than a tool to hold the line, and a good drag and high speed retrieve when fighting a fish.

The most important elements to working a jerkbait are the rod action and how you work the rod. In addition, your attention to details of what happens to the jerkbait on different jerks and rod angles, and tying all this together to discover what is most persuasive action to the bass on any given day.

Q?: Do you look to develop a cadence or Flit “action” for the day? That is, once you catch a few on a certain sequence of jerks and pauses, do you find all your fish going for that same sequence of jerking-pausing? Or do you catch fish on a diversity of cadences during the same day?

MM: Absolutely a cadence or “rod action pattern” materializes many days. This goes right along with my previous answer and the paying attention to details that spell what is the fish’s preference for the day or for the situation at hand.

Q?: At what point do most strikes occur? What induces the strike – the jerk, the pause, the reeling in or what?

MM: The pause, over 90% of the time.

Q?: How would you say that jerking, pausing and reeling in a jerkbait differs from popping, pausing and reeling in a topwater popper? Is it essentially the same action for a popper and a jerkbait? If not, what are the differences between working a topwater popper and working a jerkbait (except of course you can see the popper)?

MM: Yes, they’re both pretty much the same. Especially in the aspect that there are about as many different and effective ways to work a popper as there are to work a jerkbait

Q?: What if you suddenly see a bass following the Flit as it gets near the boat (or shore)? What do you do to convert those followers into biters? How do you get them to commit and whack it? Or if they break off the chase and drift away, how do you get them to come back and strike on the next cast?

MM: There is a technique that I discovered with the Flit, and it is the only jerkbait I have found you can do it with, because it has such tight walking action. With the right among of slack before the jerk and immediately after allowing the bait to glide, you can make the Flit literally do a 180 degree about-face. If the fish is trailing close enough and not willing to commit, you can make it bite out of mere reaction with this 180 degree turn-around maneuver. Bass don’t have hands to swat, they use their mouth, and this results in a catch. This does take practice, but it is one of the absolute coolest thing you will ever experience. I did it on Lake Murray with a 5 lb 8 oz bass, it was unbelievable!! I have done it with many other fish, but the 5 lb 8 ouncer was the coolest because it followed the Flit the first cast and peeled off, and then I was able to get it to track it again and I did this 180 on it. It was so funny because it was apparent it hit out of sheer reaction to the 180 turn-around. This bass didn’t even know what to expect or what happened. It just bit, but it didn’t even fight. That was the down side. It was pretty lethargic. At the same time, it was pretty funny.

Q?: How come so many jerkbait bass are partially hooked on the outside of the mouth? Some have suggested that the bass is slapping the lure’s tail or pushing against the lure’s tail so it can turn the long jerkbait 180 and swallow it head-first. What do you think of that?

MM: I used to have fish (two spotted bass, a largemouth, and two crappie) in an aquarium. I would feed them gold fish. If they were hungry and/or competitive, they would eat the gold fish any way they could get them down, sideways, tail first, head first, it didn’t matter. As the competition abated and/or they were getting full, they were more selective and would go for the goldfish head first. However, doing this, is a little harder for them to do. So they would ambush them from the side, battering them, with scales falling off, until the prey moved slow enough and were an easy enough target for them to successfully eat head first. With jerkbaits, I believe that may be what they are doing at times, hitting the jerkbait first as to kill or stun it to make it easier to eat. In many cases they will go through this motion with their mouth closed or mostly closed as to not eat it, just incapacitate it first. With a jerkbait, the hooks may naturally end up on the outside of the mouth.

Another explanation is far simpler. A fish swims up to inspect the bait and simply noses it, much like it would nose a jig, worm, or crayfish on the bottom of the lake out of curiosity, but with a jerkbait, because of the sticky-sharp trebles and the jerking motion of how the lure is worked, the nosy fish may get stuck around its mouth or side of the fish’s head, resulting in a catch. Such fish certainly are not intentionally being snagged, but depending on the particular state regulations or tournament rules, this may or may not be deemed a keepable catch.

Q?: Before we conclude our interview, Michael, are there any other points you’d like to mention about jerkbaits or spring time fishing with  the Flit?

MM: I think we pretty much nailed many of the most important questions. I can’t think of anything else to add. Thank you for asking.

Good News! This month’s emailer is all about the Flit, but also note that the first major shipment of ima Shaker crankbaits have arrived in stores, with more on the way. We will be doing a full story on the Shaker crankbait in April (not too far away). So please stay tuned, and kindly ask your local tackle shop to carry the ima Shaker crankbaitFlit jerkbait and Roumba wakebait too.

Kenyon Hill Catches a Big One – 10lbs 3oz on Kissimmee Chain

Kenyon Hill
Photo: Courtesy of BASS

Kenyon Hill Catches a Big One
D.B. Jackson

Day 2 of the Elite Series Citrus Slam on the Kissimmee Chain was a memorable one for Kenyon Hill.

“I knew she was big but I really didn’t know how big. When I saw her on her bed she looked like a submarine,” says the Norman, Oklahoma professional angler. “It was a thrill to catch a fish like that to say the least. Her weighing 10 pounds, 3 ounces didn’t really surprise me.”

Hill caught his giant – the biggest bass of the event – with a watermelon Picasso Ish Tube rigged with a ¾ ounce Tru-Tungsten weight and a 12/0 Ish Pro X Hook.

“The Ish Tube is a great bait for bedding bass. I don’t know exactly what they think it is but they eat it, that’s for sure. Maybe they think it’s something attacking their nest or maybe they just want to get it out of the way,” he explains. “But the real key to fishing it on beds is to use the Tru-Tungsten weight.

“The Tru-Tungsten weight is heavy but it’s small because it’s made out of tungsten. That lets you shake and move it in place without dragging it out of the bed. It’ll really stay put with a lot of shaking and jumping. That’s important because if it leaves the bed they loose interest.”

Hill caught 20 bass, totaling 54 pounds, 4 ounces, in the four day  tournament. He finished 4th behind Kevin VanDam, Ray Sedgwick and Scott Rook.

Come See Me @ Cabela’s this Weekend

Hey all,

I will be at the Cabela’s in Owatonna this weekend for their big fishing sale this weekend.  I will be working in their fishing department from 10 – 2pm, maybe even a little longer.  I also will be doing some product demonstrations on Lead Alternatives such as Tru-Tungsten. Check out their full line of jigs, flipping weights, pegging systems and so much more!!  Outside the schedule demonstrations, I will be there to answer questions, help you pick out fishing gear and just talk fishing!!!

There are also some getting kids started in fishing seminars @ 2pm both days.

So if you have some time this weekend, stop in, take advantage of the sales and say Hi!!!!
Here are the details from the Owatonna website:

Tru-Tungsten Products Demo 11:00 a.m.
Tru Tungsten has a great line of products for replacing all of the jigs, sinkers and other weighted systems containing lead. Step over to the fishing department and let Product Representative Rich Lindgren show you the advantages of the product line.
Location: From the front of the store, follow the wood walkway on your left to the fishing dept.

Tru-Tungsten - Discover the Feel!
Hope to see some of you there!
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Tru-Tungsten Impregnated Plastics

Fish Harder Companies


For Immediate Release
Contact: Larry Thorhill
[email protected]
Fish Harder Companies

Weighted Plastics


Impregnated Plastics

 These hand-poured plastics have tungsten powder poured into the plastic. This new system allows for easier rigging and a truer fall. They’re perfect with Texas, Finesse, Carolina or Wacky rigs.

The Stinger and Reverse Stinger (worms) are 6.5 inches long and are offered in two fall rates – 6 inches or one foot per second. The Stinger is forward-weighted. The Reverse Stinger is rear-weighted.

The Dart and Reverse Dart (finesse worms) are 5 inches long and are offered in two fall rates – 6 inches or one foot per second. The Dart is forward-weighted and the Reverse Dart is rear-weighted.

These plastics are available in the following colors: Redbug (20), Junebug (21), Grape/Cinnamon Laminate (26), Green Pumpkin (40), Green Pumpkin/Red Flake (45), Watermelon Seed (60), Watermelon Seed/Red Flake (68), Watermelon/Green Purple Flake (69) and Black (85)

 TRU-TUNGSTEN.COM       (724) 349-2260

Peter T Wins Again!


For Immediate Release
Larry Thornhill
Fish Harder Companies

Peter T Wins Again!

Peter T Southern Open Jan 2008

Peter “T” Thliveros, continuing along on the hottest two years of his career, won the Southern Open on the St. John’s River out of Palatka, Fla. on Saturday, February 19th, 2008 with an impressive three day total weight of 55 pounds, 3 ounces. The performance earned him a hefty check for $50, 657. 

“I caught a lot of my fish on a Carolina rig. The key was my use of a black 5/8 ounce Peter “T” Finesse Carolina Weight coupled with a black Peter “T” Force Bead. There are a lot of Carolina weights around but they’re either too light or too heavy. The Tru-Tungsten 5/8 ounce is perfect, just the right weight to keep the rig down and under control,” said the successful BASS Elite Series angler.

Secret Weapon Sponsors National Bass Fishing Trail

Secret Weapon Sponsors National Bass Fishing Trail

Brentwood , TN , December 31, 2007 — Secret Weapon Lures today announced sponsorship of the National Bass Fishing Trail (NBT) for the 2008 tournament season.

“Secret Weapon is creating a sensation across the nation. Our rapid growth is coming from anglers who try our spinnerbaits and prove their value on the water—and then tell their buddies,” says Joe Haubenreich, President of Secret Weapon. “We’ve seen our buzzbaits and spinnerbaits tied on the lines of the best adult anglers; now we want the next generation of great bass anglers to experience them as well. We approached NBT to help us do that.”

The National Bass Fish Trail serves youth anglers as well as adults. Their unique format pits adult anglers against adults and youth angler against other youth, providing a truly level competition field for all ages.

According to Mike Raney, NBT president, “Our members like having an edge on the water, and Secret Weapon gives them that. NBT is competing also, but as a fast-growing bass tour our quest is for greater angler participation, sponsorship, and prominence in the sport fishing marketplace, Partnering with a high-performance, high-value tackle company like Secret Weapon gives us an edge, too, in achieving our goals.”

“Secret Weapon engineered the first significant change in safety pin-style spinnerbaits since their inception 50 years ago. The improvements are apparent to anyone who uses them,” Haubenreich said. “Secret Weapon’s designs feature interchangeable, in-line spinner blade attachments that create flash and vibration unlike any conventional, swivel-mounted spinnerbait. The redesigned lures attract more strikes and deliver a higher hit-to-hookup ratio than do conventional spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Quick-change blade assemblies give better value and increase the versatility of these lures, and the free-floating, in-line blade attachments produce marked improvements in lure performance, too.”

Spinnerbaits are among the most effective fishing lures in an angler’s tacklebox. This company took a reliable lure and made it even better. Free-floating, in-line blades improve tracking and reduce rollover on rapid retrieves. Blade attachments clear the hook point on strikes, unlike the frame and blades of first-generation spinnerbaits that actually interfere with hook-ups. On the drop, Secret Weapon spinnerbaits remain horizontal, and not just one but all blades rotate freely. The angles and length of the stainless wire frame produce more solid hookups and improve casting accuracy and distance.

“Anglers know that to catch more fish they have to adapt their presentation to changing weather, water, and fishing conditions. We give them better tools to do that,” added Haubenreich.

Is it innovation that sets Secret Weapon apart from other tackle companies? Haubenreich explained, “Well, sure… our lures break new ground; but more importantly, they give anglers free rein to innovate. Some companies make innovative lures, while Secret Weapon builds tackle systems for innovative anglers.”

Here are a few highlights in store for NBT. Starting 1 Jan 2008, NBT members will enjoy a 10% discount on products purchased from the SWL online store. During the 2008 NBT Tournament season each winner on the junior side of the tournaments will receive a Secret Weapon. Then at the June 2008 NBT Youth Championship, each youth in attendance will add two more Secret Weapons to his or her arsenal. Furthermore, 2008 Adult Angler of the Year, 2007 and 2008 Adult National Championship Tournament winners, 2008 Youth Angler of the Year, and the 2007 and 2008 Youth National Championship Tournament winners will receive SWL Lure tackle packs and invitations to apply for SWL Prostaff positions.


About Secret Weapon – Secret Weapon Lures manufactures premium, high-performance spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Their lures, made in America ‘s heartland, were conceived on the clear rivers of Missouri and have been honed, tournament-tested, and daily prove their worth on lakes and rivers across the U.S. To learn more about Secret Weapon Lures, visit secretweaponlures.comor call toll free 866-391-6108.


About NBT – NBT’s mission is to provide an atmosphere of adult fellowship and youth learning by offering affordable tournaments for bass anglers and their families while mentoring the next generation of bass anglers. The purpose of the Junior Program is to provide young people 17 and under the opportunity to participate in tournament bass fishing. Adult anglers provide mentoring while improving angling skills and knowledge that builds a foundation for a lifetime. Learn more about the National Bass Fishing Trail at

Jake Davis
Prostaff Director
Secret Weapon Lures
MSgt, USAF (ret)

Happy New Year!

Hey All,

First of all, I hope you all have a safe & fun new year’s eve.    Also many of you are probably itching to get started on a new fishing year.  Over all I had a pretty good year, it almost always can be a little better, but what would I have to shoot for next year if I won every tournament??  LOL!

Looking back, I could not have had as good a year as I had if it were not for my sponsors.  First off, I would like to thank my existing sponsors coming into 2007.  It feels good to help and grow companies that are committed to you as you are to them.
Tru-Tungsten - Discover the Feel!
Tru-Tungsten jigs and sinkers changed my fishing over the past two years.  It is hard to believe what a difference tungsten makes in feeling your bait and catching fish.  I could go on & on, but the 3/8 Green Pumpkin/Brown Tru-Tungsten jig has won me more money then any other lure in my box in the past two season, hands down!

Secret Weapon Lures
Secret Weapon Lures - Innovative Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits!
Secret Weapon Lures spinnerbaitsbuzzbaits system has one simplified my tackle organization in my boat as well as put many a bass in my boat, not too mention it was a big part of my comeback at theBassmaster Weekend Series National Championship at Clarks Hill reservoir in November.

Next I would like to thank all my new sponsors that took a chance on me in the 2007 season, I will list them in order of when we started.
Optimum Baits
Optimum Baits - Leaders in SwimBaits!
When you think Optimum, you think swimbaits, that is true, they do make great swimbaits, but they manufacture some other great baits, like the Furbit Frog and hand poured worms.  They also import many great Japanese baits here in the US, like the Zappu Inchi Wacky Jig and ImaDeps hardbaits.

Stay N Charge
Stay'NCharge - Never Plug Your Boat in Again!
The Original StayNCharge and All Charge systems are great and let me spend more time on the water this past year and less time with my boat plugged in on land.  It also saved my but a couple times when I fished on the trolling motor really hard and another time when I had one battery die, it kept my one battery recharged so I could finish my day.

Stick ‘Em Lures
Stick 'Em Lures
I caught more fish on Salty Sinkers which are a hand poured senko style bait then I have caught on similar baits in this past year.  They have a great action that you can only get with a handpour as well as durability that many stickbaits do not posess.  Also, check out there other handpours and dock duker jigs.  Custom orders & colors available.

JKruz Eyewear
JKruz Polarized Eyewear
These glasses are the most comfortable & lightest that I have ever worn, plus the optical quality of the lenses are great.  I cannot wait to try these out next spring   My new Riptides served me well this fall fishing down south.
Riptide Series Not to mention they are reasonably priced, which makes them a great value.
If you get a little time, please click on some of these links and check out my sponsors offerings.

Lastly I would thank my latest (54th) email subscriber as well as all the others that signed up, I think I started the year with less then 20 and also there are many more that have my blog saved in their favorites as well as subscribed through RSS feeds.  Well, enough blogging, time to get ready for tonight’s festivities.
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Another Secret Weapon Lure Spinnerbait Contest

First of all thanks to all of you that participated in the Big Game Spinnerbait Survey, you can see the winner and full results here.  The bad news it there was only one winner, good news…..

There is a brand new contest – Top Bass Bait Survey.  Couple unique twists, more prizes and more winners, so check it out.  Its just 5 short questions, it only takes about 30 seconds.
Better designs... better performance... better results

So take a chance on winning the best spinnerbait system available.  P.S. don’t forget to mention where you heard about the contest

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NEW! Big Game Spinnerbait Survey — Your chance to win the Master Pack of your choice!

Hey all, here is your chance to help design the best big game spinnerbait out there and win free tackle at the same time…..
Big Game Spinnerbait Survey — Your chance to win the Master Pack of your choice!
Bass fishermen, tournament anglers, and fishing guides across the country helped design our Quickstrike and Sidearm spinnerbaits — the best bass spinnerbaits on the water today. As it turns out, they’re very good peacock bass, redfish, snook, muskellunge, and pike lures, too. Anglers who target those species, though, demand heavy-duty gear with special design features, materials, and dimensions.

Here’s your chance to help us design the perfect big game and saltwater spinnerbaits, and maybe win a Secret Weapon Master Pack, too.
Secret Weapon Lures Models and Patterns
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The prize winner will be selected by a random drawing of all entries. The winner will receive a gift certificate by e-mail, and the results will be announced in our eNewsletter and on this Website in February 2008.

It only takes a few minutes, check it out!

Also of note, SWL has free shipping on all online purchases of more then $60 through the end of December.

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