Secret Weapon Sponsors National Bass Fishing Trail

Secret Weapon Sponsors National Bass Fishing Trail

Brentwood , TN , December 31, 2007 — Secret Weapon Lures today announced sponsorship of the National Bass Fishing Trail (NBT) for the 2008 tournament season.

“Secret Weapon is creating a sensation across the nation. Our rapid growth is coming from anglers who try our spinnerbaits and prove their value on the water—and then tell their buddies,” says Joe Haubenreich, President of Secret Weapon. “We’ve seen our buzzbaits and spinnerbaits tied on the lines of the best adult anglers; now we want the next generation of great bass anglers to experience them as well. We approached NBT to help us do that.”

The National Bass Fish Trail serves youth anglers as well as adults. Their unique format pits adult anglers against adults and youth angler against other youth, providing a truly level competition field for all ages.

According to Mike Raney, NBT president, “Our members like having an edge on the water, and Secret Weapon gives them that. NBT is competing also, but as a fast-growing bass tour our quest is for greater angler participation, sponsorship, and prominence in the sport fishing marketplace, Partnering with a high-performance, high-value tackle company like Secret Weapon gives us an edge, too, in achieving our goals.”

“Secret Weapon engineered the first significant change in safety pin-style spinnerbaits since their inception 50 years ago. The improvements are apparent to anyone who uses them,” Haubenreich said. “Secret Weapon’s designs feature interchangeable, in-line spinner blade attachments that create flash and vibration unlike any conventional, swivel-mounted spinnerbait. The redesigned lures attract more strikes and deliver a higher hit-to-hookup ratio than do conventional spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Quick-change blade assemblies give better value and increase the versatility of these lures, and the free-floating, in-line blade attachments produce marked improvements in lure performance, too.”

Spinnerbaits are among the most effective fishing lures in an angler’s tacklebox. This company took a reliable lure and made it even better. Free-floating, in-line blades improve tracking and reduce rollover on rapid retrieves. Blade attachments clear the hook point on strikes, unlike the frame and blades of first-generation spinnerbaits that actually interfere with hook-ups. On the drop, Secret Weapon spinnerbaits remain horizontal, and not just one but all blades rotate freely. The angles and length of the stainless wire frame produce more solid hookups and improve casting accuracy and distance.

“Anglers know that to catch more fish they have to adapt their presentation to changing weather, water, and fishing conditions. We give them better tools to do that,” added Haubenreich.

Is it innovation that sets Secret Weapon apart from other tackle companies? Haubenreich explained, “Well, sure… our lures break new ground; but more importantly, they give anglers free rein to innovate. Some companies make innovative lures, while Secret Weapon builds tackle systems for innovative anglers.”

Here are a few highlights in store for NBT. Starting 1 Jan 2008, NBT members will enjoy a 10% discount on products purchased from the SWL online store. During the 2008 NBT Tournament season each winner on the junior side of the tournaments will receive a Secret Weapon. Then at the June 2008 NBT Youth Championship, each youth in attendance will add two more Secret Weapons to his or her arsenal. Furthermore, 2008 Adult Angler of the Year, 2007 and 2008 Adult National Championship Tournament winners, 2008 Youth Angler of the Year, and the 2007 and 2008 Youth National Championship Tournament winners will receive SWL Lure tackle packs and invitations to apply for SWL Prostaff positions.


About Secret Weapon – Secret Weapon Lures manufactures premium, high-performance spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Their lures, made in America ‘s heartland, were conceived on the clear rivers of Missouri and have been honed, tournament-tested, and daily prove their worth on lakes and rivers across the U.S. To learn more about Secret Weapon Lures, visit secretweaponlures.comor call toll free 866-391-6108.


About NBT – NBT’s mission is to provide an atmosphere of adult fellowship and youth learning by offering affordable tournaments for bass anglers and their families while mentoring the next generation of bass anglers. The purpose of the Junior Program is to provide young people 17 and under the opportunity to participate in tournament bass fishing. Adult anglers provide mentoring while improving angling skills and knowledge that builds a foundation for a lifetime. Learn more about the National Bass Fishing Trail at

Jake Davis
Prostaff Director
Secret Weapon Lures
MSgt, USAF (ret)