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Videos of Super Bass Raise Many Questions…

I recently read some press releases and watched videos of super aggressive and large “Super Bass”.  Special breeds of bass called Gorilla and Tiger bass genetically cross bread to make a bass that grows fast and is incredibly aggressive.

So after reading release which I have inserted below, here are the questions that come to my mind:
How far North can Tiger bass live, say Minnesota?
How much do they cost?
Would my wife divorce me for digging a bass pond in my backyard?

Man-Eating Tiger Bass

The Tiger Bass…big and aggressive.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – With the cameras rolling from WKRG TV out of Mobile, AL, Spencer Ross of Chatom, Alabama, slipped his fingers into the waters of the private Bear Lake. In less than 5 seconds, a 6-pound bass attacked and bit Ross’ fingers. But, the quick-handed Ross brought his thumb under the bass’ jaw & snatched the Tiger Bass out of the water. “I’ve caught these man-eating Tiger Bass that weigh up to 10 lbs numerous times using this technique,” Ross explains.

Ross had been developing his hand-grabbing bass technique for several months. He’d noticed that when he threw bread or crackers off the dock and into the water, that the bluegills there began a feeding frenzy. “I also saw the bass move-in & start to feed on the bluegills,” Ross says. When only 3 or 4 would feed on the bluegills, the bass were very timid. But, when 8 or 10 bass moved-in to feed – especially the bass that weighed 10 lbs or more – these Tiger Bass started attacking the bluegills furiously. One day I stuck my fingers in the water & moved them like a bluegill. A bass came-up out of the water & bit my fingers.” After 3 or 4 more bass attacks, Ross wondered if he could grab hold of these bass by their jaws when they bit his fingers, like catfishermen hand-grab catfish in several southern states. His technique worked. “I’ve even had bass that weighed 10 lbs or more inhale my whole hand and bite my wrist,” Ross explains.

Man-eating Tiger Bass – a cross of a highly-aggressive northern male bass and a female Florida bass that has a history of producing offspring weighing 10 lbs or more – have been stocked in private ponds and lakes for the last several years. Two fishery scientists, Don Keller and Barry Smith of American Sport Fish Hatchery, wanted to solve the problem of stocking the Florida strain black bass that would grow quickly, but these bass were reluctant to bite artificial lures. “A bass in someone’s pond that weighs 10 pounds that no one can catch has very-little recreational value to the pond owner,” Smith explains. “But, if that same 10-pound bass bites aggressively, the fish can be caught and released by many anglers. That’s why Don and I developed the Tiger Bass.”

The proof of the aggressiveness of these big tiger bass is not only in these videos, but also in the catch records of Spencer Ross. “I fish the lake 3 days a week, all-year-long, and I’ve caught and released over 100 bass that have weighed 10 pounds or more from Bear Lake,” Ross reports. If you don’t believe the Tiger Bass will bite you, then check-out this video, shot by one of Ross’ friends ( The news department at WKRG TV out of Mobile, Ala., didn’t believe this tale either, until they sent-out a camera crew. See the results at ( To learn more about Tiger Bass, go to

Tackle Junkie Support Group on Twitter #LBA

Are you a compulsive fishing gear shopaholic?  Bait Monkey on your back like a bad smoking habit?  Have to have all the newest lures, reels, rods, etc?  Take me for instance, I recently vowed not to buy any more gear to save money for a new bass boat to replace the one I broke.

 I have fell off the wagon several times:
1. Bass Tackle Depot had a 25% off sale, how could I not get a few items to restock for next year?
2. I found another place offering 30% off sale, Yikes!
3. Lost a big fish during a tourney under a dock on 20# Fluoro, went back to 30% off sale to get 25# Abrazx
4.  Local Gander Mountain had Yum Wooly Bugs & Money Craws for $1.48 a bag
5. Went to other local Gander Mountain to get more Wooly Bugs

Well, turns out you are not alone and maybe we can help…..  There is a support group that meets online on Twitter at hashtag LBA or #LBA.  We may not be able to cure you, but maybe we can turn you onto some hot deals, might as well save some money and hey there is safety in numbers, right?  “Collectively our biggest fear is that after we die, our spouses will sell all our gear for what we told them we paid for it!”

As a charter member on Twitter (HellaBass) of this group, I am adding an LBA tag to my blog as well in support of this group.

How does one join?  Pretty simple, check out this #LBA list on Twitter, follow the list and everyone on it, then start telling us your problems with Tweets with #LBA at the end.  We’ll likely follow you back and you’ll get added to the list!

Hey at least I am selling some old stuff to pay for my lapses, check out my ebay store!  See, I even sound like a junkie!

But seriously, I got Shimano, Loomis, All Star, Daiwa, Lakemaster, Lowrance and a bunch of Tackle to sell.

Sad Day

I finally cleaned the gear out of my boat for the winter today

So with my free time, I threw up a few Black Friday Bass Fishing deals of my own on ebay .  So if you are in the need for some Fluorocarbon or polarized sunglasses, take a look !

If that’s not for your, take a look at a video from a recent fishing trip with my buddy Josh Douglas for some late fall smallmouth bass fishing

Can’t see the video, follow the link!  Looking for some of those Zappu Inchi Wacky heads, find them here .

Catching up a bit

Things are hectic here at the Lindgren household with a new 1 week old addition to the family.  Welcome my daughter Reese to the world,  I am officially outnumbered for the long haul, with another daughter added to the mix.  So not much fishing and not much computer time.  Might even be another week or so before I let another line, maybe take my oldest daughter bluegill fishing on Father’s day…..

On the bright side, my ESPN BASS Fantasy Fishing team is rocking, as this week, I had KVD, Evers & Butcher all in top 3 at Kentucky Lake, which surged me to 37th in the world with one tourney to go.  So who knows, if I can pick the perfect last tourney on the Sooner Run, maybe I can be standing next to Zona on set telling you how I did it, probably a long shot, but you have to think big!

ESPN recently announced, it will stop the ESPN Outdoors block starting in 2011 and only air Bassmasters Elite Series events, thus no more World’s Greatest Fishing Show with Mark Zone on ESPN2 starting next year.  So this  is a great time to check out the second half of the Mark Zona interview we did previously.  Mark talks about “Crappie Fishing”, World’s Greatest Fishing Show, Minnesota Smallmouth fishing, Lake Vermillion, Mille Lacs and much more.

Zona is an awesome interview.  Hope you enjoy!  We have been stuck on 111 email subscribers for awhile, if you like reading this blog, enter your email in the upper left of the side bar and you will get entties emailed to your inbox or if you are savvy, add the RSS feed.

Favre has more time to start Bass Fishing!

The retirement of Brett Favre or as most Packer fans call him, #4, has very little do with Bass Fishing….

And for the most part, I try to keep this Blog about bass fishing and outdoors topics, as native Minnesotan and life long Vikings fan, this is just really good stuff.  I have put together a little montage to celebrate #4 

Not too mention all the suffering I endured from over the top & delusional Packer fans my 4 years at University of Wisconsin – Stout.  I also work with 4 cheese heads.  So I am reveling in their pains today
 Brett Favre
As much as most of you will miss Favre’s 4th quarter heroics, I will miss the interception that followed up the 4th & 26 against the Eagles and down field heaves in times of desperation that often led top defensive backs coming the other way with the ball.  Not to mention, I believe his last pass as a Packer was an INT against the Giant!   I am sure you Bear’s fans are like pigs in mud today as well!!!

Pic provided by Bassin Blog Reader Chong Vang

Tomorrow, we will be back to bass fishing!!!

Oh yeah….   Long Live Adrian Peterson!!

Attention Frog & Rat Fisher People

Hey All,

Here is some cool bass feeding video I came across on someone’s MySpace.  This bass destroys a couple goldfish along with some other minnows or shad.  Also there is some good footage of a bass destroying a mouse!!  If this does not get you pumped up to throw frog or plastic rat across the pads, I do not know what will.

Hope this brightens your day a bit

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Fun Little Fishing Game

It is not PlayStation 3 (PS3) or Xbox 360, but still a fun little free game to kill time at home or in the office. 

No downloads, which makes it nice for playing even on work computers   Anyone no of any other fun game?
I have made it to Level 7 on this one so far.

By the way Ben Matsubu wins BASS Wildcard & Sean Hoernke wins final FLW Series.

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Humorous Bass Fishing Video

I found this great clip of the ‘Overly Serious Bass Fisherman’ on YouTube.  I could only get it to post on my other Blog, so jump over and check it out –

This guy does what you have always wanted & thought about doing but never had the guts to do….. He trespasses on a corporate pond at a Verizon facility in TX and slays the Bass.  Can you imagine doing this over at the Carlson Towers?

Maybe some of you have a local pond that you have snuck into, maybe tell us about it…..

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