Kenyon Hill Catches a Big One – 10lbs 3oz on Kissimmee Chain

Kenyon Hill
Photo: Courtesy of BASS

Kenyon Hill Catches a Big One
D.B. Jackson

Day 2 of the Elite Series Citrus Slam on the Kissimmee Chain was a memorable one for Kenyon Hill.

“I knew she was big but I really didn’t know how big. When I saw her on her bed she looked like a submarine,” says the Norman, Oklahoma professional angler. “It was a thrill to catch a fish like that to say the least. Her weighing 10 pounds, 3 ounces didn’t really surprise me.”

Hill caught his giant – the biggest bass of the event – with a watermelon Picasso Ish Tube rigged with a ¾ ounce Tru-Tungsten weight and a 12/0 Ish Pro X Hook.

“The Ish Tube is a great bait for bedding bass. I don’t know exactly what they think it is but they eat it, that’s for sure. Maybe they think it’s something attacking their nest or maybe they just want to get it out of the way,” he explains. “But the real key to fishing it on beds is to use the Tru-Tungsten weight.

“The Tru-Tungsten weight is heavy but it’s small because it’s made out of tungsten. That lets you shake and move it in place without dragging it out of the bed. It’ll really stay put with a lot of shaking and jumping. That’s important because if it leaves the bed they loose interest.”

Hill caught 20 bass, totaling 54 pounds, 4 ounces, in the four day  tournament. He finished 4th behind Kevin VanDam, Ray Sedgwick and Scott Rook.