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Picking best colors for bass jigs

So recently a fishing buddy and I were going back and forth on top jig colors for a side project we are working on.  We spent quite a bit of time going back and forth, so I decided it may be easier to poll a larger audience to confirm or debunk our assumptions on what colors bass anglers across the US favor for their flipping jigs.

It started out as a simple survey I put together, but responses came in rater quickly and exceeded the limit of the free Survey Monkey account.  So I am writing this post to share the results from the first 100 responses which only took a few hours to get and now we have hundreds of responses I cannot access until I pay to upgrade.  So my thought, is to share the initial results here on my blog and invite more of you to participate.

Once I hit a larger threshold of responses, I will pay the fee and then sharer the larger results with all of you.  So please take this survey, if it takes more then 60 seconds you are probably over thinking it.  Also, consider emailing, sharing, this blog post and results with your fishing friends so we can gather as much data as possible.

So below are the 1st 100 response result summary and below that the chart that was posted to survey.

Jig Skirt Color Chart for Reference

If you could only pick 5 of these colors to stock your flipping jig box with, which 5 would you pick? Take the quick survey –

If nothing else, I hope this helps new anglers spend their money wisely on picking jig colors!

Alabama Rig – Next Big Thing or Pushing the Limits?

As I write this blog, Paul Elias is on the verge of blowing away the field on something called the Alabama Rig and after day 2, the angler in 2nd place, Robert Behrle, is also throwing the same rig.  I had never seen anything like it in bass fishing before watching a live on the water video today from FLW.  I expect much more on the Reel Time Reports from FLW soon.  It was hard to see at a distance the type of swimbaits Elias had on his A-Rig.

So I did a little research to find out more about this rig.  Turns out, there is a website for it,

From what I gather, its almost like the donkey rig (double fluke rig) on steroids.  Similar to an umbrella rig used in saltwater, its painted minnow head with 5 wires protruding out the back with snaps to attach lures, allowing you to fish 5 baits at a time.  It seems the most popular scenario is to fish 5 grubs or swimbaits at a time to mimic a small school of baitfish moving through the water.

The big kicker is that it seems to get quality fish and the potential to catch 2-3 fish at time more frequently then one would with any other lure setup.

There already have been a few mumblings and grumbling about whether this rig should be legal in tournaments.  In some states, like Minnesota, this would not be allowed due to state regulations.  Not sure on all states, but it appears to be legal in Alabama.  Seems as though, if its legal for that state, and everyone has access, then fair is fair!

Not sure if this will be hotter then the chatterbait and the Basstrix hollowbelly put together, but I am sure it will make quite the splash and these will be a little hard to find in a short time!  Either way, there will always be a supply of Alabama Rigs on ebay.  What if Kevin VanDam starts throwing 5 Red Eye Shads at a time?  How long before BassPro & Cabela’s have these on the shelf?  Sworming Hornet Lures makes a version called the Sworm.

Here is a good video breaking down some rigging techniques for the Alabama Rig.

Sometimes it pays to Procrastinate

Instead of of writing this blog tonight, I thought I was going to be franticly packing, respooling and staying up all night getting ready for a bass fishing trip of a lifetime to Lake Comedero.  Besides who wants to fish on a lake with World Record Bass Potential….

Didn’t work out, ended up blowing up just 36 hours before flight was scheduled to depart.  Long story short, partners of fishing lodge destination had a bit of falling out and everything came crashing down just 36 hours before our flight left.

So, my whole procrastinate title is me trying to spin this positively in my head.  At least I did not respool all my reels yet with 37# fluoro that would not be that useful come spring in MN.  At least I didn’t waste my time finishing packing.  Good thing I waited to rush out and buy a light weight rain suit for this trip. If I stay up late enough, I am sure I will think of some more…

Now, I will not get to share what most certainly would have been some amazing photos and videos from the trip on the blow with all of you

Well, time to focus on making some other fishing adventures.


Trend vs. Mirage: PETA’s real motives….

Came across a few good articles shedding some unfavorable light one what PETA really does.  PETA would like you to believe they are all about animal protection, but I ask you to read the following entries that I will link to below and make your own judgment.  I have never been a fan of this organization nor will I ever be.

Check out Jim Braaten’s Sportsman’s Blog and read about how PETA was caught for killing animals and dumping them in a NC dumpster.

See here where the Governor of Colorado calls “PETA are a bunch of Losers and frauds”

More good stuff on Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer and his findings on PETA

and one more fun site…. PETA

I could have ranted on my own, but these guys have done a good job already and I just wanted to raise the awareness on a few of these things so that it does not get swept under the rug

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Oxygenation or Aeration? Tournament Bass Survival….

Here an abstract response to an earlier article that I had posted.

As water temperature goes up, bass consume oxygen faster, and water holds less oxygen”. It takes more aeration to keep bass alive in warm temperatures.” 

In reality, fish metabolism is controlled by water temperature and [ fish metabolism] is limited by available dissolved oxygen saturation and concentration.
The above quote states that more aeration will correct a low oxygen deficits in a livewell with a limit of fish. Actually the treatment of choice for livewell hypoxia is and has always been supplemental pure oxygen administration, not more air (aeration). More aeration only supersaturated the water with nitrogen which increases hypoxic stress and may cause pop eye, gas embolism and gas bubble disease. All of which may increase acute and post release delayed mortality.
It is very common mistake (intentional or unintentional) that most writers call air oxygen and call oxygen air reinforcing confusion. Some writers may know the difference between the 2 gases, but most, obviously do not know the difference. This article presents another confusing example.
More aeration never insures safe oxygenation during live fish transport in the summer or any other time in a bass boat livewell, weigh-in holding tank or release boat haul tank.

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BSX BioSonix – Gimmick or Real Deal?

A recent article on repeaked my curiosity with this product.  See Full Article.
Since I first heard about this product, which was at the weigh-in site of E-50 tournament at Lake Wissota in WI.  I was standing on the beech when the boats came in and I asked KVD about the strange attachment on his trolling motor and he told me that it was the BioSonix and how it worked, my curiosity has been peaked ever since.

The next day at work, I did as much research as possible on the inter net, there was not much available.  I found the BSX website, I found you could only order from and that they were a pricey $699.99.  I also noticed they were heavily back ordered.  Bass Tackle Depot now carries the BSX unit!Here is what KVD has to say –
“At this point, I’ve seen way too much for it to be coincidental,” he said. “Without a doubt, it increases the activity level of the fish and gets them excited and looking for food.

“When they hear it, they’re ready to eat.”

He’s used his BSX in 16 tournaments now, and he’s finished among the Top 10 on 11 occasions. Included are two Bassmaster Elite 50 wins and a Bassmaster Classic victory at the end of last season.

“There’s no question it helped me win the Classic in Pittsburgh,” he said. “Multiple times I used it to get fish busting the surface right around the boat.  “And as close as that one was, everything counted. It was definitely beneficial.”

You can Listen to KVD talk more about BioSonix here!

Then the buzz on them exploded at the Pittsburgh Classic, I really have wanted to buy one, but I have had a hard time justifying the $700.  That is about half my entry fees for the year at this point.  Maybe if I cash a nice check this fall in one of my big tournaments, I will take the plunge.

BSX Biosonix Fish Attractor Unit

BSX Biosonix Fish Attractor Unit

Reproduces the natural sound signatures of baitfish and the sounds of baitfish being attacked and eaten by predatory fish. Each sound is digitally recorded and played back via underwater speaker system. Preloaded with six proven sound signatures files. Sound files can be expanded with compact flash media cards (sold separately). Other features include: Embroidered carrying case with AC and DC chargers Remote footswitch Tie-down strap Underwater speaker with adjustable float and 20 ft. cable Trolling motor mounting bracket

Has anyone ever used one or bought one yet?  What are all your thoughts on this unit?

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