Happy New Year!

Hey All,

First of all, I hope you all have a safe & fun new year’s eve.    Also many of you are probably itching to get started on a new fishing year.  Over all I had a pretty good year, it almost always can be a little better, but what would I have to shoot for next year if I won every tournament??  LOL!

Looking back, I could not have had as good a year as I had if it were not for my sponsors.  First off, I would like to thank my existing sponsors coming into 2007.  It feels good to help and grow companies that are committed to you as you are to them.
Tru-Tungsten - Discover the Feel!
Tru-Tungsten jigs and sinkers changed my fishing over the past two years.  It is hard to believe what a difference tungsten makes in feeling your bait and catching fish.  I could go on & on, but the 3/8 Green Pumpkin/Brown Tru-Tungsten jig has won me more money then any other lure in my box in the past two season, hands down!

Secret Weapon Lures
Secret Weapon Lures - Innovative Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits!
Secret Weapon Lures spinnerbaitsbuzzbaits system has one simplified my tackle organization in my boat as well as put many a bass in my boat, not too mention it was a big part of my comeback at theBassmaster Weekend Series National Championship at Clarks Hill reservoir in November.

Next I would like to thank all my new sponsors that took a chance on me in the 2007 season, I will list them in order of when we started.
Optimum Baits
Optimum Baits - Leaders in SwimBaits!
When you think Optimum, you think swimbaits, that is true, they do make great swimbaits, but they manufacture some other great baits, like the Furbit Frog and hand poured worms.  They also import many great Japanese baits here in the US, like the Zappu Inchi Wacky Jig and ImaDeps hardbaits.

Stay N Charge
Stay'NCharge - Never Plug Your Boat in Again!
The Original StayNCharge and All Charge systems are great and let me spend more time on the water this past year and less time with my boat plugged in on land.  It also saved my but a couple times when I fished on the trolling motor really hard and another time when I had one battery die, it kept my one battery recharged so I could finish my day.

Stick ‘Em Lures
Stick 'Em Lures
I caught more fish on Salty Sinkers which are a hand poured senko style bait then I have caught on similar baits in this past year.  They have a great action that you can only get with a handpour as well as durability that many stickbaits do not posess.  Also, check out there other handpours and dock duker jigs.  Custom orders & colors available.

JKruz Eyewear
JKruz Polarized Eyewear
These glasses are the most comfortable & lightest that I have ever worn, plus the optical quality of the lenses are great.  I cannot wait to try these out next spring   My new Riptides served me well this fall fishing down south.
Riptide Series Not to mention they are reasonably priced, which makes them a great value.
If you get a little time, please click on some of these links and check out my sponsors offerings.

Lastly I would thank my latest (54th) email subscriber as well as all the others that signed up, I think I started the year with less then 20 and also there are many more that have my blog saved in their favorites as well as subscribed through RSS feeds.  Well, enough blogging, time to get ready for tonight’s festivities.
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