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What are the best gifts for the fisherman who has everything?

Fishermen and fisher gals are arguably some of the most difficult people to shop for out of anyone. So today, I am sharing 10+ Can’t-Miss Ideas for you to add to your list or if you are looking for ideas for the special fisherman in your life!

Best Gift Ideas for Anglers

If you don’t’ want to watch the gift ideas, check out my video above if you prefer to read the ideas, scroll down! Gonna start with a few items that come in for less than $10 and work our way up from there.

  1. Fishing glue is super handy to have in a tackle bag or boat. You can repair lures, frogs, glue soft plastics in place and do on the fly temporary rod repairs. The best stuff I have found that doesn’t constantly dry out is the Carlson Tackle Fishing Glue.
  2. Many of us have invested quite a bit in our rods & reels. That being said, we don’t always do the best job of protecting those investments. The Rod Glove makes a whole series of products for less than $10 to protect rods, reels and our baits. Check them all out here.
  3. A good pair of fishing scissors that cuts braid like butter is worth its weight in gold. The best scissors I have used are made by Arsenal Fishing. Check out their Battle Braid Scissors and there many other fine tools.
  4. If you are like me, you probably hate slathering on sun screen while fishing. Yet at the same time, taking care of your skin is no joke. Too many fine anglers have had serious battles with skin cancer to ignore the effects of fishing all day in the sun withouth protection. I have went the way of hooded sun shirts to cover my skin. If you watch any of my fishing videos, I rocked Arsenal lightweigh long sleeve hoodies all year and they were awesome!
  5. This one may seem strange but trust me. While you will never likely catch a fish on a portable charging bank, they can be a life save for your electornics in the outdoors. Never have a dead phone on the water again with a 10,000 mah bank, plus you can run GoPros, tablets, etc. I use them to run my GoPros for days at a time and never worry about the internal GoPro batteries.
  6. As your rod & reel arsenal grows, storage of rods can start to be a challenge. Check out these great rod racks that require no tools to assemble. Should keep your rods organized, safe and don’t take up much space.
  7. Digital Handheld Scales – Having a scale is the difference between a fishing tale & a legit story & proof a true trophy catch. All anglers should have a quality scale for their fishing trips. If your angler owns a boat & primarily fishes from that, I recommend this Rapala scale, if they tend to fish from shore, other people’s boats or ice fishing, then check out this smaller more compact version.
  8. Whether you are a bank angler, kayak angler or fish out of other boats, a dedicated fishing back pack can be a great asset for any angler. There are some great budget backpack options around $30. If you want to step it up, check out his Piscifun pack as well.
  9. If you want to really suprise them with a new fishing rod, I suggest checking out the Dobyns Fury lineup. Hard to go wrong with a 7′ M/MH action rod whether it be spinning or casting.
  10. Then if you want to put a giant Cherry on that Sunday, go ahead and make those rods a combo with a Daiwa Fuego Spinning reel or Shimano SLX casting reel.
  11. BONUS TIP: GIFT CARDS ARE AWESOME GIFTS. Here are some of my fav stores to get Gift Cards for: Omnia Fishing

If you are not sure that some of these ideas will be home run for you. Here is another great TIP. Omnia Fishing has a Wish List feature, have your favorite angler create a list here where they can pick out the exact items, sizes, colors and send it to you and anyone else via email. Also, you anglers that are watching this video to get ideas that you want to add to your list, head on over, fill out your own wish list, and use that to inform your loved ones so they don’t buy you another Singing Billy Bass again this year.

Best fishing gift ideas for anglers 2019

What are the best gifts for the fisherman who has everything?

Fishermen and fisher gals are arguably some of the most difficult people to shop for out of anyone. So today, I am sharing 5 Can’t-Miss Ideas for you to add to your list or if you are looking for ideas for the special fisherman in your life!

Best Gift Ideas for Fishermen

If you don’t’ want to watch the gift ideas, check out my video if you prefer to read the ideas, scroll down!

  1. Digital Handheld Scales – Having a scale is the difference between a fishing tale & a legit story & proof a true trophy catch. All anglers should have a quality scale for their fishing trips. If your angler owns a boat & primarily fishes from that, I recommend this scale, if they tend to fish from shore, other people’s boats or ice fishing, then check out this smaller more compact version.
  2. Long Sleeve Sun Hoodies – Sun Protection is nothing to joke about and sunscreen is just too easy to forget and when the bite is good, reapplying rarely happens. For me these long sleeve sun hoodies have been the deal, I never get burned any more & feel much better after a long day in the sun. Here are two links to two of my favorite versions, one from AFTCO & the other SIMMS.
  3. Boost Pack – This item is highly underrated & a must-have for any outdoors person. These small compact lithium boost packs have the juice to jumpstart a truck, car or boat. Plus they can keep GoPros, Smart Phones and other small electronics running all weekend. There are tons of options, here is a link to an affordable boost pack that has worked perfectly for my needs.
  4. Glide Baits & Swimbaits – Big baits are all the rage these days! Here is a list of affordable big baits that won’t break the bank but still catch fish!
    River2Sea S-Waver
    Arashi Glide Bait
    Baby Bull Shad
  5. Fishing Tackle Subscription Boxes – Think of these as Birch Box or Stitch fix for anglers. Basically you can sign up for 1, 3 or 6-month subscriptions and send them as gifts where they will get new handpicked tackle for them every month. Below are a few very popular fishing tackle subscription services:
    MonsterBass – #TheBetterBox
    Mystery Tackle Box
    6th Sense Tackle Bags
    Lucky Tackle Boxes
    Here are some of my fav stores to get Gift Cards for:
    Omnia Fishing
    Tackle Warehouse
Omnia Fishing
A New Way to Shop for Bass Fishing Tackle

Tight Lines…..

Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for the Bass Angler

Whoa, been awhile since my last post here, but I have done a little blogging over at the and NBC Sports Blogs, feel free to subscribe to those as well.

But either way, time is rapidly getting away from us for Christmas shopping, so I am going to share some of my ideas on great Xmas gifts for bass fishermen and women.  You may use these ideas to help build a better list for your loved ones or hopefully your loved ones can stumble across this list and use it to get you something cool that fits your passion come Christmas morning.

Fishing lures make great stocking stuffers, heck you can even hang them from the tree and make them part of the decorations!  So here are a handful of baits that I love, that have a coolness factor and just plain catch bass and will make great stocking stuffers for your favorite bass angler.
Evolve Nervous Walker Frogs
BassTEK Tungsten Jigs
Lake Fork Ring Frys
Soul5 RoverMax 115
Rapala DT6 Crankbaits
Super K 1/4oz Swim Jigs
Evolve Kompak Craws or Darkstar Swimmers

If your loved one is a little more deserving there are a lot of great options out there. Here are a handful of products in the $10 – $50 range that make great gifts.  Beyond tackle, I also listed a few sun protection clothing items, anglers get exposed to a ton of UV rays, so sometimes its best to cover up with good Sun Gear!
Sunline FX2 Frog/Flip Braid
Rapala Touch Screen Scale
Rod Glove Rod Covers
Simms Sun Gloves & Sun Armor

If you need something for someone on the very very good list and want something that will really get their attention under the tree, you might want to think about getting them a new rod or reel.  Other plus cameras and polarized sunglasses make great gifts.
Dobyns 735C or 702SF
Shimano baitcasting or spinning reel at any budget
Costa Del Mar or SPY Polarized Sunglasses
GoPro Camera

If you want to see what is on my personal list, check out my Pinterest board, creating a gift wish list on Pinterest is a great way to keep an active list that you can share with friends and family for Christmas, Birthdays or any gift occasion!

Well Merry Christmas All and Good Fishing!

A cooler worth the Investment

This year as I fished my tournaments, I had decided to try to utilize
campgrounds over hotels as much as possible to keep expenses down and
maximize potential profitability of tournament wins.  Keeping the
camping deal in mind, I don’t want to eat solely Peanut Butter
sandwiches and try not to do a ton of fast food, so having a good cooler
is pretty important for eating well and affordably.

There are
quite a few of these super coolers that claim to keep ice for a week or
more, so I figured I should do some research, they don’t exactly give
these coolers away.  After checking the features and design of all the
comparable coolers, I thought the Yukon Cold Locker from Igloo was the
choice for me.  When you think about it, why wouldn’t a company that has
been building quality coolers for more then 60 years understand what
consumers like us demand from a high end cooler.

My New 70qt Yukon Cold Locker

The solid
hinges, sturdy construction and tethered drain plug were some of the
highlights for me on this cooler.  I mean, who wants to loose a drain
plug on a couple hundred dollar cooler, what good is it then?  Check out to see all it’s features and how it stacks up against the Yeti.
Tethered drain plug
Two weeks ago fishing a BFL in La Crosse, WI was my
first camping trip with my new 70qt Yukon cooler.  With a little planning, I froze a
handful of small water bottles for my boat cooler, and a couple others
to keep in the cooler, plus dumped my ice maker out right before I left
and I was all set for a 4 day fishing trip and didn’t have to stop at
the local Kwik Trip and shell out $3 for ice every morning, not too mention the time savings.  The 70qt is about right for me, still a large cooler to accommodate everything I need, yet not too big to overwhelm all the space in the back of my tow vehicle.  I have no plans to try to pack and elk or a bear in this thing, so 70 qt is just right.  You can get these at several dealers like and Cabela’s.

The way I figure it, by camping at most of my events, which usually saves me $25 a night in lodging and $3 every fishing day on ice, plus not eating out, this cooler will pay for itself before the end of the year, plus my Diet Mountain Dews will always be ice cold!

My February Mystery Tackle Box UnBoxing Experience

I recently signed up for three months of Mystery Tackle Box.  Similar concept as Tackle Grab, or as I said before Fruit of the Month Club for Bass Fisherman.  For roughly about $15 a month, depending on your subscription plan, you get a box of bass fishing lures sent to you door every month.
Mystery Tackle Box

The idea is you get to try new stuff and the box is guaranteed to be worth more then your $15 investment, plus your shipping is included.  They also have an online store where you can buy more of the products you go in your box, so if you like them and catch fish, you can buy more.

So the following is my first un-boxing video:

All in all I feel like my box was decent value.  I was most excited for the Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill crankbait, that clearly is worth about $9 alone.  The other stuff was a Stanley Jig, which is a decent jig but not for me, I pretty much only use tungsten jigs.  Then I got a couple partial packs of plastics, the Twin Menace seems like a cool bait, the other creature bait was fairly ordinary in my mind.  The box also came with quite a few coupons, so if it happens to be stuff you are in the market for, it could save you some nice change!  If you have not tried the Rod Glove products, give them a whirl, I love them and use them to protect all my Dobyns Fishing Rods!

Stay tuned, more videos in the next two months about my other boxes!

My Tackle Grab UnBoxing Experience

I recently had the opportunity to try Tackle Grab for a month.  The basic principle behind Tackle Grab is you sign up for a monthly membership ranging from $12-16 depending on how long you sign up and you get new baits in the mail every month.  Kind of like fruit of the month club, but for fishing.
  Interesting thing about Tackle Grab is that you fill out a profile, which asks you questions about the species, type and location of fishing you do most often to help tailor your tackle pack to your needs and wants.  Check out the following video to see what I got in my box.

All in all, I think the value that I received in my initial January box was worth more then the $15 box of single box membership.  I got a sample pack of two drop shot weights from Road Hog Baits, a Kahara Yajirobee 3 Blade ($15 value), some Optimum drop shot baits, and some Evolve Kompak Craws ($5) & a Yo-Zuri Pin Minnow jerkbait ($8).  So 5 things with a retail value around $30-$35.  It is all stuff I could use, not sure if I would have bought it all if I was shopping, but that can be a good thing as well.  The Optimum Baits Wacky Shads are solid, as I have used them before (comparable to Jackall pintail or cross tail shads) and I love the Evolve Kompak craws, I have actually caught smallies on the ones in Tackle Grab between filming video and posting this blog.

I guess the other unique thing, is you earn points every month for being enrolled, you also can earn points by doing reviews, referring friends and other activities, those points can be used to shop in the Tackle Grab store of additional items, either new stuff  you want to try or if you want more of the stuff you already received in your box.

Overall, if you are into trying new baits, and wanting to build your bait arsenal, this can be a pretty cool service for anglers.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bass Fishing Deals

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and many of the best online bass fishing tackle retailers have some solid deals to try things you have always wanted or just stocking up for spring.  Plus, you may as well get some shopping done from home, while your wife fights the crowds!   Many of these sales run before Thanksgiving, through Black Friday to Cyber Monday and some even longer!

So I though I would try to summarize and highlight a few for you here.

Bass Tackle Depot has one of the longest running sales going now thru Nov 30, 20% off almost everything plus free BassWest subscription over $100 and a free $25 Gift card if you spend $300

Land Big Fish runs now thru Nov 26, they have 20-25% off a large selection of select brands.

Monster Fishing Tackle is running 20% off most inventory now thru Nov 27.

Bass Pro Shops

has a unique 5 day sale running through Sunday Nov 25. has a Cyber Monday special only on Nov 26

There are others, like Tackle Warehouse, they are running 20% off as well.

Plus, per usual I am always inspired to dig up some stuff to sell on my ebay page, right now there is Tungsten Jigs, Shakey Heads, and a few other things, check back, as I will likely be adding items for this holiday weekend, since I will be home watching the kids while my wife shops and spends!

Last Minute Shopper 20% Off Bass Fishing Sale

Offer good thru 12/15/09 12am PST.
Prices shown are in U.S. funds and are subject to change.
In stock items only while supplies last. No back orders.
Offers good while supplies last.
20% off does not include Jackall, Shimano, Reaction Innovations, Powell Rods and other restrictions may apply,
Sale prices will be displayed in your cart.

I was doing so good…

Really all year I had been really good about not buying tons of new gear, partly due to the fact that I had pretty much what I needed.

Well I think I found what you can buy for the bass angler that has everything, get him some Custom Painted Crankbaits

I’m not sure how I got started, but within the last few weeks, I have been bidding and winning on several custom painted crankbaits on ebay .Below you will see several baits from my conquests.  My quick pictures, don’t necessarily do these baits justice.

The top 2 baits (H2O Express Lipless & New Xcalibur CS300 Squarebill) are from BaitWerks and they are painted in “Rheem Shad”, a shad pattern developed by Elite Series Pro Clark Reehm.

Then there are four 2.5 Shallow Cranks & two DT6’s from Hidden Valley Tackle.  I am kind of excited by the Smallmouth patterns, I think they could be awesome on the river, plus the top left TIger Gill color is really nice.  Either way, I get to show the bass something new come spring!

So, have a little fun, do a quick ebay search for custom painted crankbaits .  Even if you don’t bid or buy, there are tons of beautiful baits out there to admire, almost like going to a bass fishing art gallery.

Also, like I mentioned before, great gift ideas for the angler that has it all. offers great deals on fishfinders and other marine electronic equipment.

Black Friday Bass Fishing Insanity Sale Event

Sick Sick Sale!  Time to stock up for 2011, there will not be better deals then right now, plus the more you spend, the better the incentives get!  This is as good as it gets for Black Friday Bass Fishing Deals!

21% OFF SITE WIDE!! Click Here