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Win a chance to fish Big Bass Derby from Kruger Farms

Here is a cool contest from where you can enter to win an expenses paid for two trip to fish in a tournament on Lake Minnewaska and be teamed with a professional angler.  Click the picture below register and get all the info!  The event is being hosted by Paige Duke and will take place June 23rd on Lake Minnewaska in Starbuck, MN.

A fun weekend of good fishing, good food and Miller High Life!  You can enter daily until May 14th, 2012.

Check out this video for all the details!

MHL from on Vimeo.

Aquateko Contest Winners & Douglas Fantasy Fishing Picks

Thank you to all entries!  And your winners are……
Knot2Kinky Leader Material – Chris Van Eyde – we expect to hear how it holds up against Musky & Pike!

And the 3 winners of Invisa-Swivel Sample Packs:
Brandon Olson, Mark, Samuel Groves & Jesse Heinecke – can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how they work!

Winners will be contacted shortly.  If you missed out, I will start a new contest in the next couple days for a much bigger prize. So make sure you subscribe to this blog via email or RSS and/or tune into my Facebook Page.

Below are my Lake Douglas picks, might tweek this, an Elite Series pro sent me a message and said to pick some flippers, not sure to go with this info or not…..

Who knows, I am feeling less committed to this roster the more I think about it!

Aquateko Tackle Contest

In the near feature I will do a review on a couple products from Aquateko, but in the mean time, no reason some of my readers should not get a chance to field test them as well.  Aquateko has two unique products, the Fluoro-clear InvisaSwivel and Knot2Kinky Leader wire material.

Inisable Fishing swivels, fishing, swivels

Knot2Kinky Fishing leaders. Titanium alloy

The plan is to keep the contest fairly simple, so here is what you have to do for a nice sample variety pack (7 sample packs) of InvisaSwivels or some Knot2Kinky 25lb leader wire.

All you have to do, is head out to the Aquateko website, check out the products and then leave a comment on this blog post about what application you best see for your fishing for any of the products.  The best three comments about the InvisaSwivel and best Knot2Kinky comments will win a sample pack, so yes a total of 4 winners for this contest.  You can leave a comment between now and April 30th.

To double your chances, head to my Facebook Page, “Like It” and repeat your comment under the one of the Aquateko contest announcements.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, there are several more contests coming to win free stuff, so make sure you subscribe to this blog via email or RSS and/or tune into my Facebook Page.

Minnesota Bass Fishing in March

What a wonderful lack of winter and early spring we have had.  Could not have been more welcome considering I had to stare at the BassCat that I bought in November all winter long.  This past Sunday I got out to the Mississippi River for some bass fishing.  Super happy that in less then an hour from my home in Lakeville, I can be on Mississippi River for some completely legal bass fishing even in March.

Fellow Gopher Bassmaster member Chong joined me out on the water.  We started on a couple points leading into known spawing coves as the water was 55 degrees when we launched.  The second point gave up a 3lb plus smallmouth to Chong and 2lb largie to me on a black tube.  We then made a run back to some backwaters, as the main reason Chong came with was to learn a little about how to navigate the river.

The water was 58-59 degrees in this area, I caught two quick largemouth on shad colored Shad Rap along a rip rap bank, the next spot gave up a couple more small largies on a Sexy Shad Megabass ITO Vision 110 jerkbait.  As we idled to next area, I saw some shad balled up on the edge of the grass.  I shut it down, Chong instantly bowed up and landed a 5-6lb walleye on a swim jig.  From there I did some work on that Megasbass jerkbait, I caught about 10 before we left that area, including 2 over 3lbs.  I also picked up a couple small fish on a spinnerbait.

Only one I weighed, had to test new scale 3lbs 8oz

Did not take long for Chong to tie on a jerkbait, on his second cast he got a nice chunky 3lbr on a Smithwick Rogue.  We covered a bunch more water in this backwater, most of our fish came on jerkbaits, but we did get a couple on jigs & soft plastics. 

We decided to make our way back towards the ramp, we finished up in a side cut of the main river.  I ended up breaking my jerkbait on some rocks, breaking it right at back hook, causing it to only have 2 hooks.  I kept throwing it and just a few casts later I bowed up on a donkey of a smallmouth.  Had it up next to the boat and it jumped as I reached it and spit my bait, that 3rd treble would have been handy there.  Oh well, still fun, I did catch a 3lb smallie two minutes later on a drop shot with a hand poured wacky finesse worm.

Total I caught 22 or 23, Chong had 7 or 8 with a big walleye & a big drum.  We both probably had 16-17lbs for our best 5 bass.  Glad I could get out, should not have a problem catching a legal bass in every month of 2012 now!

In summary, although water was creeping towards the 60 degree mark, which is super warm for this type of year, the fish behaved much like the water was in the lower 50’s.  With water likely hitting 60 plus very soon, I think the actual spawn will lag behind the water temp a bit, because the bass biologically just have not had time to get ready to spawn.  I am guessing it takes time for the females to produce those eggs, so keep that in mind fishing this spring.

If you are going to the Northwest Sportshow this week, you should be able to find me hanging out in the Kruger Farms booth, they have come on as a new Dobyns Rods dealer, come by and let me show you some rods that have balance and feel like no other!  If not, I will be selling some more Loomis rods in my Bass


In other news, if you follow my facebook page, I have mentioned we got some good stuff coming soon.  Should be several new product reviews and giveaways for my readers, one in particular I am excited about is Evolve Baits, check out some of their offerings.


Early Returns on Major League Fishing

I finally finished up watching first webisode of Major League fishing.  I signed up for the the $18 Bass Pass which either gets me all the events or you can pay $3 per event.  The first episode at the Challenge Cup at Lake Amistad was 114 minutes long, so for $3 you are going to get 8-10 hours of web coverage, pretty sound deal.  I got a basement of $3 soft plastics not getting used right now.

The format is pretty unique, preliminary rounds where top 4 move on & bottom 4 go home, real-time scoring shared with all competitors, penalties, 3 periods of fishing, cumulative weights & no limits, immediate catch & release, restricted fishing areas, no practice, no GPS coordinates,  I am sure we will find out more new stuff.

Cool Highlights from Round 1:
No Surprise KVD gets of to great start on a 6XD
Aaron Martens whines some
Jason Quinn does some work on Alabama Rig
KVD switches to what looks like MegaBass ITO 110 jerkbait late day, definitely not a Strike King Wild Shiner
Brent Ehrler & others spin out based on results from real time leader-board
Jack Link’s Sasquatch makes several appearances, always entertaining

But for me, the coolest things what to get an inside look how these pros break down water with only 15 minutes of scouting and make on the water adjustments.  If you are bass enthusiast or tournament angler, I say this is definitely worth the money!

Watch the podcast page, our next episode will break down the MLF in more detail.

Sneak Peak into New Zayta Rods from Dobyns

Dobyns Rods have risen quickly to become a very popular rod among casual bass anglers to the most serious tournament anglers alike.  Their roots are definitely on the west coast, but they have quickly expanded their market and popularity across the United States and beyond.

At last year’s ICAST they launched the Coalition Series and the Savvy Micro series and now this year they will debut the new high end Zayta Series rods.  These rods will incorporate 3M Nano Matrix resins to build a rod lighter and more sensitive then their popular Champion Extreme Series.  This 3M resin is used in other high end rods like G-Loomis NRX and St. Croix Elites. 

Photo Courtesy of Tackle Tour – Follow Link for more pics!

Prototypes of these rods were on display at the recent ISE show in California.  You can read initial reviews from Tackle Tour and also check out this video of Gary Dobyns himself taking about the new Zayta series and the growing Coalition Weapons Series.  As Gary claims, “This will be the best rod money can buy”!

As a Dobyns fan and enthusiast, I will be anxious to add a Zayta or two to my lineup in the near future!  Just to be clear, its Zayta, not Zeta!

Got new boat out one last time

Last Sunday I got out for about 4 hours and we caught a few good smallmouth, it was more about getting the new boat out once in Minnesota before it was too late.  Now I get to stare at it every day for the rest of the winter, sigh

On the positive, with the help of a fishing buddy, I installed new lighting in my garage, I put 6 recessed can lights right above my boat.  So now I have great lighting for working on tackle and other boat projects, plus it makes it look like a show room in the third stall.  The lighting is good enough, I may do some video spots from there this winter to keep my YouTube Channel fresh.

Here is my latest video production.

Black Friday deals have already started at Bass Tackle Depot, time to score some sweat deals 20% off and more.

I listed some boat props on eBay tonight and I plan to list stuff on ebay on Black Friday while my wife spends at the stores, so I for sure have a G-Loomis GLX and a Shimano Chronarch B SF picked out for listing this week, plus baits and other stuff.  So keep a watch out for them! You can  find thermo lite board at Merritt Supply and other supplies from here.

Have a safe Holiday Week!

Boat Week

Ever since my old boat died at end of August, I have been casually shopping for a boat, about a month ago, I found a deal that I felt that I shouldn’t pass up and now this weekend I am going to Missouri to go pick it up.  Pictured below will be my boat for next year, its a BassCat Pantera Classic with a 200 Merc.

Thanks to those that shopped my ebay auctions and clicked a few ads to help me get a few extra bucks in my boat fund!  I will be fishing Lake of the Ozarks on my trip this weekend as well.  Watch my facebook page to see more pics & vids from the trip and of boat all weekend long.

Hopefully weather will remain nice and I can get my new boat out when I get back and get some more smallies like this one that I recently caught.

I thought about getting an Alabama Rig for my trip to Lake of the Ozarks, but lead times are just too long after Dan Morehead won a tourney on Kentucky Lake and ebay seems a bit crazy to right now for the A-rigs.

So if any of my readers have fall fishing tips for Lake of the Ozarks, leave a comment or send me an email.  Or if you got good food or lodging recommendations around Warsaw, MO, comment on that as well!  I think the plan is to fish out of Brown’s Bend area this weekend.

Quest for a new Boat & My Fall Clearance Event

This past Saturday I fished the Simply Fishing Marine tournament with my buddy Paul Coffey on North & South Center.  Even though I had not been there in 10 years and Paul had never been there, I am pretty confident in my abilities to catch fish this time of year.  They put on a fun event and thought it was a good opportunity to put some more money in my boat fund.  Didn’t quite work out that way, we ended up with 16.5lbs and just missed money and win, just needed one more good cull.  I did get destroyed by a biggun on a dock late in the day, but that is fishing!

If you are wondering why I need to build up my boat fund, my boat had a terrible accident back in August, it was totaled, see blog post on that.

So I have decided to liquidate several rods, reel and all kind of tackle and gear to have a little more cash to put down on prospective boats.  So if you want to participate, check out my ebay page, got all kinds of good stuff and I will continue to keep putting up stuff for a couple weeks.

Currently, I have G-Loomis Rods, Shimano Reels, Lowrance GPS, Trokar Hooks, and more.  I have some Rapalas, Lucky Crafts, a Lunker Punker and a few other things ready to load tomorrow night as well.

If you don’t want to buy stuff, consider clicking on a few extra links/ads on my site or YouTube Channel

My thoughts on 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule

Looks like 8 stops again this year, nice mix of venues.  Although, I have reason to believe some/all pros knew some of these venues ahead of time as several Elite Series pros were sighted fishing in La Crosse a few weeks ago.  Also, nothing about an All-Star week as of now, so maybe details still to come or maybe gone all together.

Also note, several conflicts with FLW Tour, so no chance of full time 2 tour pros in 2012.  But with only 8 event, many pros will have to supplement with PAA, EverStarts or Opens to make a full schedule to support their families and sponsor obligations.

Dates: March 15-18
Venue: St. Johns River

Host: Palatka, Fla.
Notes: Back to St. Johns, should be another fun event and sight fishing should play a role again.

Dates: March 22-25
Venue: Lake Okeechobee

Host: Okeechobee, Fla.
Size: 470,000 surface acres (about half the size of Rhode Island!)
Impounded: Natural with many levees and dikes
Notes: The Big O is on fire right now, should be an awesome event and expect a century belt or 2 to be handed out here.  Very exciting to have a BASS Tour level event on Okeechobee.

Dates: April 19-22
Venue: Bull Shoals Lake

Host: Arkansas
Size: 45,000 surface acres
Impounded: 1951
Been awhile since BASS has been here on a Tour level, but Bull Shoals is a historic fishery and adds a nice flavor to the mix of events for the season.

Dates: May 3-6
Venue: Douglas Lake

Host: Dandridge, Tenn.
Size: 30,000 surface acres
Impounded: 1943
Notes: Not much history here, but they did have an Open event last year.  Good to see the best anglers on some new water.  Good lake, but will provide some challenges, not a whack fest by any means.

Dates: June 7-10
Venue: Toledo Bend Reservoir

Host: Many, La.
Size: 185,000 surface acres (fifth largest man-made reservoir in the U.S.)
Impounded: 1969
Notes: Toledo Bend has been a very popular stop on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail over the years. Thirteen professional events have been held here, including the 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series Battle on the Bayou won by Arizona’s Dean Rojas with 70-15. Should be a good time to be there, deep bite should be heating up and anglers  should catch some monsters and heavy bags!

Dates: June 21-24
Venue: Mississippi River

Host: La Crosse, Wis.
Notes: I think this event will open some eyes, these guys are really going to catch them here.  Expect majority of anglers to weigh limits and lots of 3lb fish to be found, both largemouth and smallmouth.  They will probably launch out of the top of Pool 8, probably an even split of anglers will lock up to Pool 7 or stay in Pool 8.  You will learn about the home of the “Swim Jig”.  This section of river has everything.  Watch out for Frog anglers to potentially dominate here!  Put this on my list to either bring boat down to watch or enter as Marshall.

Dates: June 28-July 1
Venue: It’s a secret … for now.

Host: We’re not saying, but they’ll be ready.
Size: Big enough!
Impounded: Some time ago.
Notes: I think it is pretty safe to assume, this event will be a easy day’s drive from La Crosse.  So I predict the western edge of Great Lakes like Sturgeon Bay or Escanaba (most likely destination).  Possibly a few lakes in Minnesota like Mille Lacs, Leech, Vermillion or Minnetonka.  Winneconne/Winnebago in Wisconsin.  Or maybe a swing back through to Missouri.  Either way, I think you can count on another event close to us upper midwest anglers.

Dates: Aug. 23-26
Venue: Oneida Lake

Host: Syracuse, N.Y.
Size: 51,072 surface acres
Impounded: Natural
Notes: Frequently referred to as “the thumb” because of its proximity to the New York’s famed “Finger Lakes,” Oneida has been a very popular B.A.S.S. stop in the last decade. In fact, B.A.S.S. has been here 7 times since 2003, including 3 Elite tournaments. Should be exciting as the Bassmaster Angler of the Year award and more than 30 Bassmaster Classic berths are finalized in New York.

What are your thoughts on schedule?  I do like that its a bit more stretched out as well, gives me more time to get my Fantasy Fishing lineups set!