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Big Daddy Catches Big Mamma. Can you say ShareLunker Bass?

Lake Amistad kicks out another Giant and my dad, a.k.a. Wayne Lindgren caught it, 13.18lbs.  
Initial Picture on Water

  and At scales ….

Wayne (Left) along with trusty rod, senko and net man!

It was caught around 2pm March 28th on Lake Amistad in a cove that he caught a 9.8lb bass the week before.  The sowbelly fell for a wacky-rigged Yum Dinger (Watermelon) fished around a flooded bush in 5ft of water.  The initial weight in the boat was 13.7lbs.  There was a bit of regurgitation in the livewell and it was certified at 13.18lbs.  Length=26.5″ x Girth=20.75″

You can check it out on the Budweiser ShareLunker Website

More Interesting Stats:
#329 out of 412 ShareLunker in Size
14th Largest this season
5th ever from Amistad

Boy am I jealous,


Minnesota Bass Federation Launches New Associate Membership Program

New program focuses on expanding awareness of Conservation & Youth activities on both a State and National level.  It’s a budget-minded way to support the great work the MNBF does to protect our fisheries and outdoors.

Minneapolis, MN – March 25, 2006 – There is now a new program for those in support of sportsmanship and conservation.  The Minnesota Bass Federation (MNBF) recently launched a new and innovative Associate Membership program that allows anyone to support the MNBF’s political, conservation and youth angling related efforts.

Associate membership adds additional voices to Minnesota bass fishermen and anglers alike committed to preserving and enhancing our sport and to keeping Minnesota’s lakes and rivers healthy and available to every responsible angler.

Associate memberships will also bolster assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality and preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways.  At the same time, it will aid workings with state and local government, lake associations and other outdoor organizations to protect fishing heritage.

Beyond the conservation efforts, associate memberships help fund youth initiatives including education and on the water experiences to foster youth involvement and sustained interest in our sport.  These youth activities provide alternatives to our youth above and beyond traditional sports and activities.

Summary Recent Activities Include:

·         Supported Constitutional Amendment to preserve our rights to hunt and fish

·         Participate in the discussion on the US Fish and Wildlife Services Upper Mississippi Management Plan with a special focus on maintaining access to backwaters

·         Supported further research into the effects of lead tackle on our aquatic resources rather than banning it outright

·         Interceded when a metro lake association passed an ordinance restricting fishing within 100 feet of shore

·         Opposed a statewide “no cull”

·         Attend the annual MnDNR fisheries roundtable

·         Developed Internet creel survey collection tool to supply the DNR with fish population data

·         Annually, organize and participate in lake and ramp cleanups statewide

·         Sponsor Junior Bassmaster Clubs and Bassmaster CastingKids events

·         Annual fundraising for local charities and non-profit lobbying

There are benefits beyond supporting the MNBF’s activities.  Below are some benefits for associate members.

Benefits to joining as an Associate Member:

·         Annual subscription to BASS Times magazine

·         Discounts to Federation sponsor products

·         Paid AD&D Insurance

·         Free Internet classifieds

·         Open invitation to attend Federation meetings and to network with other anglers

·         E-mail notification of special events and legislative alerts

“I joined the MNBF as an associate member to support tournament bass fishing in Minnesota,” said Gregg Ripley, one of the inaugural members to the newly founded associate program. “We really designed this membership program for the casual anglers and sportsmen that do not have the time to dedicate but still want to contribute,” said Stephanie Peterson, board member MNBF.

To find out more about membership opportunities, check out  You can also get more ersonName>infoersonName>rmation at the MNBF booth at the Northwest Sports Show in Minneapolis, MN; March 28 – April 2, 2006

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), visit

About Minnesota Bass Federation Nation:

The Minnesota BASS Federation is committed to promoting fishing for all ages & skill levels.  We offer our assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality & preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways.  We work with state & local government, lake associations & other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage.  Through our youth initiatives, we provide education & on the water experiences to foster youth involvement & sustained interest in our sport.  Please visit

I think this is a great program – check it out!


Good Tournament & a Great Cause!

This a great event, check it out!  2006 St. Jude Tournament, a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Reserach Hospital.
Click here for more info

Check it out!

Fish for a cause,

New World Record Bass?

25.1lbs smashes the previous record of 22.25 held for so many years by Bob Crupi.  This is an exciting turn of events, but because of the World Record or the myriad of odd circumstances that may jeopardize the catch’s chance of being accepted by the IGFA (International Game Fish Association, the most-recognized keeper of angling records).  See the full article on ESPN.

Why does it seem that every time a potential world record is caught, that is must be muddled in controversy?  This one was foul hooked, weighed on a hand held scale, and released live.  I am sure this will get plenty of attention in the coming days & weeks.  One way or the other, that is one monster of a bass being held in that picture.  Could you even imagine?
Additional Article

I do not think the question should be whether or not the world record will fall someday, the question is will it fall in a clear, no doubt, manner that will satisfy everyone?
What are your thoughts on this latest catch?

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Ranger Boats Drop Ike

Ranger boats released a statment saying that they terminated Mike Iaconelli’s boat sponsorship.  This statement was released on Feb 28 by Ranger president Randy Hopper.  You can see this article on

It turns out Mike’s antics on Day 1 of the Bassmasters Classic is much more costly than his first day weight.  Boat sponsorship is a big deal for a touring pro.  This may turn out to be a very important lesson for Ike and a humbling experience to say the least.  It will be interesting if Ike continues to run his Ranger for the rest of the Elite Series and how long it takes him to get a new boat deal.  I think it would be hard for Ike not to be running his wrapped Ranger at Amistad, it would be awful difficlut to get a new boat wrapped that quickly.

On one hand, he is one of the sport’s most well known stars and on the other hand, do you want to be the boat company that scoops him up?  Berkely has also released a statment that he will reamin on their ProStaff.  I wonder what route his other sponsors will take.  This should be an interesting story to follow.

Rather be Fishing…