Aquateko Tackle Contest

In the near feature I will do a review on a couple products from Aquateko, but in the mean time, no reason some of my readers should not get a chance to field test them as well.  Aquateko has two unique products, the Fluoro-clear InvisaSwivel and Knot2Kinky Leader wire material.

Inisable Fishing swivels, fishing, swivels

Knot2Kinky Fishing leaders. Titanium alloy

The plan is to keep the contest fairly simple, so here is what you have to do for a nice sample variety pack (7 sample packs) of InvisaSwivels or some Knot2Kinky 25lb leader wire.

All you have to do, is head out to the Aquateko website, check out the products and then leave a comment on this blog post about what application you best see for your fishing for any of the products.  The best three comments about the InvisaSwivel and best Knot2Kinky comments will win a sample pack, so yes a total of 4 winners for this contest.  You can leave a comment between now and April 30th.

To double your chances, head to my Facebook Page, “Like It” and repeat your comment under the one of the Aquateko contest announcements.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, there are several more contests coming to win free stuff, so make sure you subscribe to this blog via email or RSS and/or tune into my Facebook Page.