Catching up a bit

Things are hectic here at the Lindgren household with a new 1 week old addition to the family.  Welcome my daughter Reese to the world,  I am officially outnumbered for the long haul, with another daughter added to the mix.  So not much fishing and not much computer time.  Might even be another week or so before I let another line, maybe take my oldest daughter bluegill fishing on Father’s day…..

On the bright side, my ESPN BASS Fantasy Fishing team is rocking, as this week, I had KVD, Evers & Butcher all in top 3 at Kentucky Lake, which surged me to 37th in the world with one tourney to go.  So who knows, if I can pick the perfect last tourney on the Sooner Run, maybe I can be standing next to Zona on set telling you how I did it, probably a long shot, but you have to think big!

ESPN recently announced, it will stop the ESPN Outdoors block starting in 2011 and only air Bassmasters Elite Series events, thus no more World’s Greatest Fishing Show with Mark Zone on ESPN2 starting next year.  So this  is a great time to check out the second half of the Mark Zona interview we did previously.  Mark talks about “Crappie Fishing”, World’s Greatest Fishing Show, Minnesota Smallmouth fishing, Lake Vermillion, Mille Lacs and much more.

Zona is an awesome interview.  Hope you enjoy!  We have been stuck on 111 email subscribers for awhile, if you like reading this blog, enter your email in the upper left of the side bar and you will get entties emailed to your inbox or if you are savvy, add the RSS feed.