Tackle Junkie Support Group on Twitter #LBA

Are you a compulsive fishing gear shopaholic?  Bait Monkey on your back like a bad smoking habit?  Have to have all the newest lures, reels, rods, etc?  Take me for instance, I recently vowed not to buy any more gear to save money for a new bass boat to replace the one I broke.

 I have fell off the wagon several times:
1. Bass Tackle Depot had a 25% off sale, how could I not get a few items to restock for next year?
2. I found another place offering 30% off sale, Yikes!
3. Lost a big fish during a tourney under a dock on 20# Fluoro, went back to 30% off sale to get 25# Abrazx
4.  Local Gander Mountain had Yum Wooly Bugs & Money Craws for $1.48 a bag
5. Went to other local Gander Mountain to get more Wooly Bugs

Well, turns out you are not alone and maybe we can help…..  There is a support group that meets online on Twitter at hashtag LBA or #LBA.  We may not be able to cure you, but maybe we can turn you onto some hot deals, might as well save some money and hey there is safety in numbers, right?  “Collectively our biggest fear is that after we die, our spouses will sell all our gear for what we told them we paid for it!”

As a charter member on Twitter (HellaBass) of this group, I am adding an LBA tag to my blog as well in support of this group.

How does one join?  Pretty simple, check out this #LBA list on Twitter, follow the list and everyone on it, then start telling us your problems with Tweets with #LBA at the end.  We’ll likely follow you back and you’ll get added to the list!

Hey at least I am selling some old stuff to pay for my lapses, check out my ebay store!  See, I even sound like a junkie!

But seriously, I got Shimano, Loomis, All Star, Daiwa, Lakemaster, Lowrance and a bunch of Tackle to sell.