Optimum Baits to Launch new 4″ Baby Line Thru Swimbait at 2011 ICAST

Optimum Baits has some new stuff to showcase at this year’s ICAST show which is next week.  One thing that is pretty exciting is the new 4″ Baby Line Thru Swimbait, this completes the full lineup of this popular style swimbait that already has 3″, 5″, 6″ & 7″ sizes. Optimum is also adding new colors, like a new Crappie colored swimbait and many more.  Also, watch for a new swimbait style from Optimum that will be announced at the show as well, can’t tell you anymore at this point….

2 different colors of the new 4 inch BLT

Comparing 5 inch BLT (bottom) to 4 inch BLT (top)

This new 4″ bait should be popular for northern anglers trying to build confidence in swimbaits.  I got a few of the early production baits to try out, with my busy schedule I only had a short window to test these from shore for about 15 minutes on a local lake.  I caught two nice bass, shown below and you can see that 3lb fish choked it!  Looks like a real winner and can be a great switch up bait for lakes that get a ton of spinnerbait pressure!

Get these 4″ BLT’s now at www.BassTackleDepot.com

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