2011 Pan-O-Prog Bass Tournament

My partner Ryan Brant & I fish Tuesday July 5th for a good chunk of they day, which for the most part was very unproductive.  I did jump one nice fish off on shallow weed point when we first got out there.  So we ended up starting there.

I quickly caught a fish close to 3lbs on a Baby Ring fry on a mojo rig, Ryan that lost a beautiful 3-4lbs bass that jumped off his flick shake setup.  We got or 2 more fish there and the bite died.  We tried some docks, picked up a few small fish and fish some inside weedlines and scratched up a limit with a few decent fish.

We returned to our starting spot and culled once then went to a similar area and Ryan got a 3.5lbr on shakey worm. We then went out to a handful of deep spots where all I caught was a northern pike on at DT20.  Hit a few more shallow areas, caught some small fish that didn’t help the bag.

We returned to our starting spot and I immediately got a 3lb plus fish on Lake Fork Hyper stick on a shakey head.  Just after that I lost a big fish in similar fashion to Ryan’s jumping off halfway to the boat.  I ended up getting one more small cull on that spot before we had to go in for weigh-in.

We still had 2 small fish in our box, which made the nice ones that gave us the slip sting a little more.  We finished with 6 fish for 15.92lbs and 4th place.  First place was 18lbs and change, those lost fish would have gave us 19-20lbs, but that is fishing. Intensifying my love to hate relationship with finesse fishing with fairy wants
 Find full results here.

Still a nice little pay day on a Lake that is close to home!  Two tournaments on Minnetonka this weekend, should be fun, have not been out there in over a month and have no chance to practice for these tournaments.