Trend vs. Mirage: PETA’s real motives….

Came across a few good articles shedding some unfavorable light one what PETA really does.  PETA would like you to believe they are all about animal protection, but I ask you to read the following entries that I will link to below and make your own judgment.  I have never been a fan of this organization nor will I ever be.

Check out Jim Braaten’s Sportsman’s Blog and read about how PETA was caught for killing animals and dumping them in a NC dumpster.

See here where the Governor of Colorado calls “PETA are a bunch of Losers and frauds”

More good stuff on Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer and his findings on PETA

and one more fun site…. PETA

I could have ranted on my own, but these guys have done a good job already and I just wanted to raise the awareness on a few of these things so that it does not get swept under the rug

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