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Sooner Run Fantasy Picks?

Well here is a great interview with Mark Zona about Sooner Run Bassmaster elite series picks for Arkansas river.

Hope you enjoyed the listen, as just a few hours ago, BASS moved this event to Fort Gibson lake just up the road because of high dangerous waters.  So 1 day of practice on Fort Gibson and it’s go time!
So now I go with:
Skeet & KVD because nobody fishes faster, better and reads conditions better than these two
Edwin Evers has some BFL experience here and some good finishes, plus he is fishing hot
Biffle because he lives across the street
Butcher, same reasons as Evers

Well, good luck to all the Elites and your fantasy rosters, but I think the best pure fishermen will rise to the top on this one!

Catching up a bit

Things are hectic here at the Lindgren household with a new 1 week old addition to the family.  Welcome my daughter Reese to the world,  I am officially outnumbered for the long haul, with another daughter added to the mix.  So not much fishing and not much computer time.  Might even be another week or so before I let another line, maybe take my oldest daughter bluegill fishing on Father’s day…..

On the bright side, my ESPN BASS Fantasy Fishing team is rocking, as this week, I had KVD, Evers & Butcher all in top 3 at Kentucky Lake, which surged me to 37th in the world with one tourney to go.  So who knows, if I can pick the perfect last tourney on the Sooner Run, maybe I can be standing next to Zona on set telling you how I did it, probably a long shot, but you have to think big!

ESPN recently announced, it will stop the ESPN Outdoors block starting in 2011 and only air Bassmasters Elite Series events, thus no more World’s Greatest Fishing Show with Mark Zone on ESPN2 starting next year.  So this  is a great time to check out the second half of the Mark Zona interview we did previously.  Mark talks about “Crappie Fishing”, World’s Greatest Fishing Show, Minnesota Smallmouth fishing, Lake Vermillion, Mille Lacs and much more.

Zona is an awesome interview.  Hope you enjoy!  We have been stuck on 111 email subscribers for awhile, if you like reading this blog, enter your email in the upper left of the side bar and you will get entties emailed to your inbox or if you are savvy, add the RSS feed.

Bass Opener 2010 Recap

Another bass opener has come and gone, I had big hopes and expectations for my trip to Pelican Lake.  I had heard so much good about this lake.  I went out fishing with buddy John Haynes, hoping to get some good footage for a future episode of All About Bass.  Things started a bit slow, we found some fish loosely relating to inside weed edges and pockets in amount cattails, picking these fish off with weightless ring frys rigged on 4/0 Mihatchii OWG Super Strong Hook as primary bait.

As they day progress, fish seemed tighter to the abundant wood cover and more precise casting was required, by the time the sun was directly over head, I switched to a Okeechobee Craw colored Sweet Beaver rigged with a 1/4oz Tru-Tungsten sinker so I could get a vertical presentation next to the wood and that seemed to be the ticket, as the fish did not seem interesting in moving to come get our baits any longer.

In the end, numbers were pretty good, the boat landed 25 plus bass, but only a couple solid 3 pound fish were our biggest.  None of the giants that this lake is know for showed themselves for our boat.  The thick matted spring cabbage made fishing some what challenging.

For an audio recap of the trip, take a listen to the following podcast:

Tight Lines,

My Favorite Bass Fishing Podcasts

Bass fishing related podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, wether anglers are downloading them to ipods, other MP3 player or just listening on their home or work computers, its an increasingly popular way for anglers to learn more about bass fishing and their favorite anglers

So in no particular order, here are the podcasts I like to listen to, take a listen and see what you think. 

Armchair Anglers – Bo Crawford (you may have read some of his stuff on and Clint do a great job, covering tournament bass fishing and other hard hitting topics like the Gulf oil Spill.  My only complaint is I only get one new episode a month.

Bass Fishing in the Midwest – Fortunately John Haynes’ interview skills are better than his fishing skills, he would admit to this as well.  It would be good if there was a little consistency from this show, guess I just need to keep a good eye on my iTunes account for new episodes.  Oh yea, closed circuit to MIckey, speak up next time!

Tournament Fishing Radio – Kory & Eric are based out of Missouri, they have a nice mix of national and local bass fishing coverage, but I do think they like swimming grubs a little too much
So take a listen to my favorite episode with Gues Mark Zona

And also are most recent episode about how to catch fish now on Mississippi River Pool 2!

Twin City Limits – Okay, so I am co-host of Twim City Limits, but take a listen, I am pretty sure you will like it.  You will learn to laugh at Lazy Ikes fantasy bass fishing picks as well and now that bass fishing is heating up in MN, lots more local tournament info and fishing tips.  Catch us on iTunes as well, if that is your thing.

Ultimate Bass Radio – I have only listened a little bit, decent show, just a little too west coast for me to really get into it, but I am sure some of my readers are West Side as well!

Bass Zone Radio – Mark Jeffreys know bass fishing, they always have top level pros as guests and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Blackwater Bassin – Ken does a nice job, ecspecially if you are interested in the upper Mississippi River bass tournament fishing scene.

Well, that is my short list, if you got some recommendations leave a comment!

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New Clarks Hill Fantasy Fishing Picks Podcast

Day job is really cutting into blogging and fishing time these days.  Check out podcast breaking down my Fantasy Picks for Clarks Hill.  I went with KVD, Skeet, Kriet, Casey Ashley & Derek Remitz.  To find out why I love the Wolverine this week, give a listen, and also listen for who not to pick when Lazy Ike gives his picks again!

Also, had a couple tournaments in the Mississippi river this past weekend, we talk about what was working and what didn’t work on the river. Plus watch for a detailed blog on my tourneys soon!


Guntersville ESPN Fantasy Fishing Picks

We will keep this short and sweet, actually posting from a Delta flight that has WiFi.  This should be a great tournament, my lineup is going to be:
Jeff Kriet
Timmy Horton
Greg Vinson

To hear my logic and get the inside scoop on the new Huff Hook-up Ratio for ranking Fantasy Fishing match-ups, not sure if it works, but check it out.  Who knows, they me the next big thing since the Bass Fan World Rankings…..  So give this podcast a listen!

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Love the alliteration of Pickwick Picks

Well, just finish a long night of garage cleaning.  My boat will be spoiled this season with how good the garage is looking!  Not a lot of time to the deadline, but here are my Fantasy Picks for Pickwick:
Greg Vinson

To hear the how and why behind each pick and hear Greg Huff’s picks (use these as guidelines of who not to pick….  )  Take a listen to the following Podcast!

We have hit 111 email subscribers on the Bassin” Blog and several hundred to the Twin City Limit podcasts, most on iTunes!  Well that is about it for now!

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Smith Mountain Fantasy Picks and Mark Zona Interview

Too much time between blog these days, lot of things going on.  Our Smith Mountain Fantasy Fishing picks for Bassmaster Elite Series have been on our podcast site for about a week, but if you did not catch it, listen below.  We break down how we think KVD starts his comeback and who else we like in this tourney.  In short, I went KvD, Skeet, Kriet, HIte and Crews this week, take a listen below to understand why…..

Also, earlier this week, we caught up with ESPN and World’s Greatest Fishing Show’s Mark Zona.  We broke down a bunch of topics, football, Fantasy Fishing, WGFS, Elite Series, KVD and much more; We talk about what happened to KVD in Cali, Smith Mountain and what we expect from anglers like KVD, Kriet, Hack and many others.  I know the begining of this podcast sounds like previous show, but just a few minutes in Z-Train joins the conversation and things heat up!

Other than that, I did get out and do about 4 hours of fishing down in Red Wing on Saturday.  The boat caught 4 chunky smallmouths, we each dropped a good smallie and Paul tangled with a river slaunch of a largemouth and was left with his tail between his legs.  Not the greatest outing for fish catch, but an awesome day weather wise and it just felt good to be in the boat again.

Above is my first chunky smallmouth of the current season, duped on a 4″ Green Pumpkin/Blue tube on a light Tru-Tungsten sinker!

Until next time!
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New Favorite FLW Pro

We recently did a great interview with FLW Pro Angler Bryan Thrift, he is a great interview and I think I may be a Yankee version of him in the making.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!  Bryan breaks down how he won the FLW Lake Norman tournament and some great bass fishing tips.

His comments about pre-tournament reasearch and dock fishing are particularly interesting!  Find some more great podcasts here –

On another note, I have yet to get out fishing even though the ice off the lakes, maybe I will get out on Friday afternoon.  If  you are looking for some tips on saving some bassin bucks, take a look here.

Also looking for something to do this weekend, see below!  St Jude Fundraiser is a good time and a great cause!

My FLW Lake Norman Fantasy Fishing Picks

Better late then never,  here is my lineup this week, being a bit of a homer this tourney:
Jim Moynagh – Winner – 59lbs
Brent Ehrler
Shin Fukae
Mark Rose
Michael Bennet
Greg Pugh
David Walker
David Dudley
Scott Cantebury
Andy Morgan

Sounds like we are talking about unusually dirty water for Norman and a strong pre-spawn bite.  Should throw a few wrinkles into things compared to previous April FLW Tourneys.  Also, I got some prizes for Table Rock coming, stay tuned!

To hear all my reasoning and thoughts on my picks, check out the embedded podcast!

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