Have you heard about the new 10XD?

UPDATE 1-10-13 – Stike King 10XD are available in online stores, like here!

If you are plugged into bass fishing, you have probably heard about the last FLW Open event won on Lake Sam Rayburn, where on the last day Phil Marks blew away the field and caught several of his bigger fish on a new Strike King 10XD super deep diving crankbait prototype.  Get some more details here on W2F.

Among bass fishing circles, the Strike King 6XD is already largely considered the deepest diving stock crankbait out there.  Not to mention KVD and many other pros have cashed a ton of checks on the 6XD.
The new 10XD is much larger then the 6XD as you can see in the picture above, but word on the street is that it is not much harder to crank in then a 6XD, DT20 or DD22.  I am not a deep cranking aficionado by any means, but I am baffled that it took this long for something like this to come to market.  I mean we are already going big with swimbaits and giant worms, why has it taken this long for a monster deep cranker like the 10XD?

And are you going to jump on this bait or are you going to hold out for the 12XD or 15XD?  Also, better question, what depths are attainable if you long line a 10XD?  Last parting though, this 10XD on 15-20lb fluorocarbon should be a Falcon Lake Bass Killer!