Minnesotans for an Early Bass Fishing Season

The great majority of Bass anglers in Minnesota would do just about anything to get an earlier bass season in some form, whether it be experimental regulation lakes, catch & release season or just an earlier start date.  Well time to organize and unite, check out this Facebook Group and discussion board, time to get involved if we you want to see this become a reality.

I am totally behind this idea, here is my general stance on the situation:
“I believe the only way this changes is to convince law makers that we
are losing money to WI & IA because of our long closed season. Tons
of guys travel out of state, spend money on licenses, gas, food &
lodging to fish bass legally, not to mention, potentially the state
could save money on trying to enforce the extended close season or use
the resources to enforce poaching or exotic species issues.

to mention, an earlier season extends our tourism season, more
opportunity for more anglers to travel to MN and spend their money in
our local economy.

So in the end, we need to put a business case together!”

Hope you are interested in joining the cause!