World’s Best Bass Lakes Revisited

Cruising around today, I read a fun article titled “World’s Best Largemouth Lakes”   It immediately got me thinking about a list I created of my top destination lakes for bass that I wrote back in 2006.

There are definitely some similarities in the lists.  I definitely have some smallmouth destinations on my list , which don’t fit their list all that well.  I also have some Mexican lakes on my list, which I find interesting that they don’t.  I think, America’s best bass lakes would be a better label for the article I read, as no Mexican Lakes on list, also Lake Biwa in Japan is not on the list and currently has the World Record Largemouth.  Still a good list either way.  I would also probably put Diamond Valley or Dixon Lakes on the list over Castaic or Casitas these days.

Reviewing my list, I noticed I only included Florida Lakes in my honorable mention, probably because they were not that hot when I wrote my piece and if I didn’t have some smallmouth destinations, I probably would have had more room for those Sunshine State destinations.  After watching the latest FLW tournament on Lake Okeechobee , it would be really hard to argue not putting that lake right near the top of the list for American’s Best Bass Lakes!

Big Show Terry Scroggins w/ a 12-02 Fence Panda from Big O – Courtesy FLW Outdoors

Also, asked myself, what would i change or add to my list?  I would definitely add some Texas lakes, like Falcon, O.H. Ivie & Choke Canyon.  Lake Comedero in Mexico would be moving up.  I would specifically add Sturgeon Bay & Buffalo to my Great Lakes hit list.  And I am not taking any off, what fun would that be?

So what are your favorite lakes that are not on these lists?  What are we missing?  Any that don’t belong?