Explanation for lack of blogging and fishing reports..

No excuse is a good excuse for not fishing, but…..  Travel and a garage project has kept me from taking my boat out of storage and getting out fishing again in April.  Today was a productive day towards finish needed garage activities to free up garage.  Tomorrow, I may try to take my 2 year old daughter out for  a short shore fishing trip if the weather is nice, this would be her first time fishing.

In the meantime, here is another fishing video to entertain you.  This is a preview/teaser for episode #5 of “All About Bass” – The Bass Closer.  I think you will find this pretty entertaining!

If you like it, give it as thumbs up and/or comment on YouTube!  Congrats to Skeet Reese for his win on Smith Mountain and Glenn Browne for his win on Tellico / Fort Loudin today.

Until next time!