My Top 10 Bass Baits of the past Decade

I recently did a piece for the Versus Network about my top bass baits of 2009, so to do one better, I am presenting you my top baits of the 2000’s.  There is a little overlap, but this is a larger list as well.  Here are my top producing baits of the last 10 years.

1. Lake Fork Ring Frys (Both Sizes) – Primarily the larger size weightless skipped under docks and around shallow vegetation, and the smaller one on a mojo rig for scattered deep grass and rocky river banks.
2. Rapala DT-6 (Especially Parrot Color) – Best crankbait for extracting bass from typical MN weedlines
3. Baby Brush Hog – Paired with a 3/16oz Tru-Tungsten sinker and flip it around anything you see.
4. 3/8oz Tru-Tungsten Jig – If you read this blog, I need to say no more.
5. Yellow Magic Popper – A must have for the Mississippi River.
6. Reaction Innovations Vixen (Discontinued) – I think it kicks butt against spooks or sammys.
7. Rat-L-Trap – This is probably in every anglers top 10.
8. Secret Weapon Lure Quickstrike Spinnerbait – Most versatile spinnerbait around, fueled huge comeback in 2007 Weekend Series Nat’l Championship.
9. Lake Fork Tackle Fork Craws (on a mojo rig) – Great anytime you are around smallmouth.
10. 7″ PowerWorm (primarily for jig worms) – Simple and super productive on weedlines.

I am sure many of these baits will catch me plenty of fish in 2010 and probably even be baits that carry me through the next decade any beyond.  Happy New Years all!