Stopped at Bass Pro Shops Orlando Yesterday…

My work travels brought me to Orlando on Tuesday and I was fortunate to have a small window before it was time to go to the airport, so I found myself perusing the aisles at Bass Pro and gazing into their huge aquarium.  Man there was a ton of 8lb plus largemouth bass in there!!!

So here is what I bought:

Luck E Strike Bass Magic Shads – there are on of the may BassTrix imitations out there, seems like a nice bait

Yum Big Show Paddle Tail Worms, design by Terry Scroggins, these are great looking worms!

Yum Big Show Craws, also by Scroggins, they little critters look like flippin’ machines!

Well anyways, got a handful of bags of each of these.  Should be a nice addition to my addiction.  For those not fortunate enough to get to a Bass Pro Shops store, I think you can get all these on  On another note, to feed my addiction, I have been pairing down some of my stuff on ebay lately, so if you are stocking up…  check out my Bass Fishing eBay Store

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