Bass Fishing Randomness from Mar 26

Oh where to start.  I have not cashed in on any individual tournament fantasy prizes but I am #6 overall in the cumulative standings.

Overall Leaderboard
1 ShadRap Matt, bass boy 1814
2 Big Bayou Bass, Jessie Davis 1788
3 Knoxville Youths, Thomas Truett 1784
4 Hope U take an I.O.U., chad whiting 1767
4 Ottawa Nitro_Basser, Chris Weed 1767
6 Lakeville HellaBass, Rich Lindgren 1723

  I have also decided to not adjust my roster between the Delta & Clear Lake. 

Team   Totals   Value
VanDam, Kevin Kalamazoo, MI   3 320   16.5 15.7
Remitz, Derek Hemphill, TX   1 392   5.2 4.4
Monroe, Ishama Phoenix, AZ   12 177   10.3 9.8
Reese, Skeet Auburn, CA   2 335   15.7 15.3
Roumbanis, Fred Auburn, CA   31 112   4.8 4.4
Total Rating   52.5 49.6
Available Rating   50.0 50.0
Difference   -2.5 .4

Do not forget to get in your FLW picks for Fort Loudoun-Tellico Lakes.

Congrats to Aaron Martens on getting his first big win with BASS, even though he has won a lot of big tournaments in the past, this had to mean a lot.  Also note, Derek Remitz continues to impress all with a runner up finish at the Delta.  Derek just needs to keep making Top 50 cuts and he will be fishing the Classic again as well as the Major’s.  They have yet to update the ROY or AOY standings from yesterday yet.  The coverage of the weigh-in and the new pre-game show “Hooked-Up” was pretty good on yesterday.

I also read a very interesting note in my latest FLW mag.  Vermont has banned all lead sinkers & weights less then 1/2oz not including jigs, spinnerbaits, etc.  So basically if you want to fish a texas rig worm, you need to be using steel, brass, bismuth or tungsten sinkers in Vermont.  Add Vermont to the growing list of states with Lead Bans, which also include parts of Canada & New Hampshire.  States like Maine & New York have banned the sale of sinkers weighing less then 1oz.  MN has similar current legislation, but they do not have clear language that would exclude jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, etc.  That could make bass fishing in MN very expensive if that is not clarified.  We should all be contacting our representatives about this.

Also cool, Stay’ has added a new discussion board to answer questions about product, troubleshooting & installation.

My trip to Charlotte last week was frustrating because it left no time for blogging, and put me behind when I got back to the office.  I also in one day, drove over Lake Wylie, then by a big new Bass Pro Shops and then over lakes High Rock & Norman

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