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Thought it was time for another list and since I spend a fair amount of time on the forums to get me through the winter, it seemed appropriate to list out my favorite places to read and post.  Again, just my personal preference and there are probably lots of good Bass Fishing boards I do not even know about.

1. Future Bass – Plenty of members, great knowledge base and moderators are pretty easy going.  Most members do not have much for hidden agendas and very little, if any bashing.  They have a very solid home site as well.

2. Tackle Tour – This is the place for the tackle and gear enthusiast.  You will find info on all the hot reels, rods and lures, plus many members post hot deals they found on other sites and eBay!  There also is a ton of info on Japanese tackle, rods and reels, if the words Steez, Scorpion, Pixy & Smak Red Tune mean anything to you, this is your forum.  If not check it out and learn….  Great home site as well.

3. Ish Monroe’s – Could use a little more traffic and users, but no where else on any other Bass Fishing Pro’s forum is there this kind of interaction.  Ish answers almost every question in every post, he does slow down during the touring season, but he still does a great job.  Plus there are a few other knowledgeable members that fill in for him.

4. – This site ranks high on shear size and volume, plus they have some great radio shows to listen to while you surf.  If it was a little more bass focused it would probably be higher on my list, just my preference.  The other great thing, is that they focus on youth and teaching kids about fishing, that always gets points in my book.

5. Rich Lindgren’s – Hey, I had to make my own Top 5   Seriously, I model my board after Ish’s.  I know I am not a touring pro, but I feel I have a lot of knowledge to share as an avid tournament angler, so if anyone posts a question, I will do my best to answer.  The other exciting thing, is membership is growing quickly, so I am poised to move up my own list.  No Axe Grinding Allowed!!

6. Fishin Fanatics – Good bunch of members, plenty of good information.  Sounds like they will be tightening down on there links policy at the end of the month

7. The BassHoles – Fun name, good topics and information with a growing membership.

8. ESPN Bassmasters & BASSInsider – I lumped these two boards together, lot of the same people on both boards.  Little less axe grinding on the Insider board.  Overall, good stuff, lots of traffic, but sometime too much bickering and soap boxing.

9. Marcia Rubin’s – WBT pro that has a nice little forum to go with her main site.  She does a great job of answering all the questions, good dialog.  Little different perspective on things from a lady’s point of view

10. Great Lakes Bass – It was hard to pick a #10, this is a solid site, could have switched this with a few others, its worth checking out, kind of a Michigan bias.

Here are a few other boards that I have been know to visits:
Billy Harris, Russ Lane, Mark Rogers, & MN BASS Federation Nation….  It would be great to hear from some of you on your favorite boards or your thoughts on this list. 

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