Fish Trap Lake & Lake Shamineau Club Tournament Preview

Sitting at work and leaning towards the door.  Got the boat hooked to the SUV in the parking lot, just begging to head up HWY 10.  I am meeting two club members at the Maple Grove Gander Mountain, we will ride up together, hopefully they are both on time, so that I can at least drive around Fish Trap tonight, as I have never been on the lake.

This is a pivotal weekend for the Gopher Bassmasters.  For guys looking to fill the last state team spot and the alternate spot, these two tournaments decide that.  It is also tournaments 5 & 6 out of 8 for next year’s state team.  And probably the most exciting thing….. we kick off our Match Tournament fishing this weekend. 

I am looking forward to these tournaments, sounds like both of these lakes have good fish, and everyone should get fish.  Size is the key.  A few years back, we had a tournament on Shamineau that I won with 20.5lbs for 5 bass.  That was about 5 weeks earlier and I cost of those fish pitchin’ & flippin’ a Lake Fork Craw Tube in the Reeds & Cattails.  The trick will be to locate those fish this time of year.  An added dynamic is that we are fishing it as a hole course, which will make it even more exciting.

If all goes well, I will catch my father who is in first place y 2lbs.

Have a great weekend!

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