My 10 Least favorite fishing shows all-time

 On a lighter note, outside the spotlight of tournaments & world-records….  Here are my least favorite fishing shows off all time.  Hey I posted my favorites, its only right to point out the duds.

10. In-fisherman – Overall its really a decent show and well produced.  I had to stretch to get 10 shows.  I still like to watch In-Fisherman, but its pretty low on my priority list.  Main reason is too much multi-species and not enough bass.  Its easier to handle now that I have DVR technology, I just fast forward through the non-bass segments


9. Fishing with Bob Dillow – The Buckeye Basser!  The show had overall low production quality in early years.  Not that informational, I guess I can take it or leave it.


8. One More Cast with Shaw Grigsby – Wasn’t Shaw a bass pro once?  I would never be able to tell with all the bonefish and redfish shows.  Watching Saltwater fishing does nothing for me.  Get back to your roots Mr. Grigsby.


7. <st1Fishing </st1<st1University</st1 – Charlie Ingram reminds me of my high school English teachers, he always puts me to sleep.  At least Charlie puts me to sleep on my sofa, rather than those old wooden desks that would leave a kink in your neck.


6. North American Fisherman – The <st1show is over simplified, I rarely learn anything.  The waters they fish are boring and again way too much multi-species.</st1


5. Jimmy Houston Outdoors – Outdoors is the problem, I do not care to watch Jimmy hunt pigs, turkeys and elk.  Not too mention he rarely leaves his private pond when he fishes.  Also there is a little too much crappie fishing with the wife.  I do like that he kisses his fish.  One more thing, do you think Jimmy will ever let his hair go natural?


4. Fishing with Roland Martin – The great American fisherman…   What a lame theme song.  Roland is guilty of too much saltwater fishing and does a fair amount of live shiner fishing, which does little for the imagination.  Have you ever caught anything on the Helicopter lure?


3. Bill Dance Outdoors – Has he ever done a show not in his private pond?  It is kinds of fun to watch the giant bass he catches, but my grandma could catch 8lb bass all day in that pond.  It does very little for his credibility.  Let also think back to the Dancin’ Craw, Dancin’ Eel, The Pork-O, do I need to continue will all the lousy products he has endorsed?


2. Beat Charlie Moore – Has there ever been a more annoying host in Bass Fishing Television history?  I like the concept of the show, but it really seems like they pick some chumps for him to fish against, click reference here.  What is with the challenges at the end of the show?  Why don’t they just keep showing the fishing part?  It gets great ratings for some reason and now we have lost quality shows like Schooled by Denny Brauer and Loudmouth Bass because people for some reason cannot take their eyes of the train wreck that is Beat Charlie Moore!


1. Fishing with Orlando Wilson – I am not sure why, but from my early years of watching fishing shows on TNN, I have always hast this show.  I believe there was a annoying intro the show and he rarely had any good <st1info</st1 to share about bass fishing.  He also put me to sleep, but I would usually change the channel first.

Review the my Top 10 Favorite Shows
Agree to disagree?  Let me know your thoughts.  Did I dis one of your favorites or did a leave a dud off my list?