My February Mystery Tackle Box UnBoxing Experience

I recently signed up for three months of Mystery Tackle Box.  Similar concept as Tackle Grab, or as I said before Fruit of the Month Club for Bass Fisherman.  For roughly about $15 a month, depending on your subscription plan, you get a box of bass fishing lures sent to you door every month.
Mystery Tackle Box

The idea is you get to try new stuff and the box is guaranteed to be worth more then your $15 investment, plus your shipping is included.  They also have an online store where you can buy more of the products you go in your box, so if you like them and catch fish, you can buy more.

So the following is my first un-boxing video:

All in all I feel like my box was decent value.  I was most excited for the Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill crankbait, that clearly is worth about $9 alone.  The other stuff was a Stanley Jig, which is a decent jig but not for me, I pretty much only use tungsten jigs.  Then I got a couple partial packs of plastics, the Twin Menace seems like a cool bait, the other creature bait was fairly ordinary in my mind.  The box also came with quite a few coupons, so if it happens to be stuff you are in the market for, it could save you some nice change!  If you have not tried the Rod Glove products, give them a whirl, I love them and use them to protect all my Dobyns Fishing Rods!

Stay tuned, more videos in the next two months about my other boxes!