Bass Opener 2010 Recap

Another bass opener has come and gone, I had big hopes and expectations for my trip to Pelican Lake.  I had heard so much good about this lake.  I went out fishing with buddy John Haynes, hoping to get some good footage for a future episode of All About Bass.  Things started a bit slow, we found some fish loosely relating to inside weed edges and pockets in amount cattails, picking these fish off with weightless ring frys rigged on 4/0 Mihatchii OWG Super Strong Hook as primary bait.

As they day progress, fish seemed tighter to the abundant wood cover and more precise casting was required, by the time the sun was directly over head, I switched to a Okeechobee Craw colored Sweet Beaver rigged with a 1/4oz Tru-Tungsten sinker so I could get a vertical presentation next to the wood and that seemed to be the ticket, as the fish did not seem interesting in moving to come get our baits any longer.

In the end, numbers were pretty good, the boat landed 25 plus bass, but only a couple solid 3 pound fish were our biggest.  None of the giants that this lake is know for showed themselves for our boat.  The thick matted spring cabbage made fishing some what challenging.

For an audio recap of the trip, take a listen to the following podcast:

Tight Lines,