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I told you a few posts ago, that I would find out how Trevor Rogge caught his fish to take 2nd in his first ever BASS Open event.

Prefishing Trevor covered water from 1ft to 30ft. The only place he was able to locate females was in 1-2ft swimming a jig in the back of creeks. He located about 4 good creeks that had at least one 4 lb plus fish in them. The problem was finding good numbers of keeper bass.  “Catching a limit I felt would be hard because I was searching most of my day. I caught some smallies down by the dam on the last day of practice but catching 5 would be challenging and many were only 2 pounds or less” said Rogge. The place Trevor ended up fishing was in the back of Walnut Creek where he felt was the only place that had numerous fish. According to Trevor “I caught a 4 pounder prefishing and saw another 2 in a short amount of time. I never thought it had almost 30 quality bass in such a small area”.

The first day had a huge fog delay. By the time the fog went away his primary spot had warmed up a lot and was prime for the picking. Trevor was able to go straight there and catch them swimming a green jig and chunk. He also caught a 3 pounder on a bed. The rest were cruising. He also missed a 3.5+ that his partner caught shortly after he missed it. He also laments sticking a nice one on a Senko that came off after a short battle. Those two bites would have pulled his bag close to 20lbs.  His non-boater partner caught 12+ and was leading the co-angler side on day 1.  Day 1 he was 10th flight so that afforded extra time to fish the warm water.

Day 2 he was first flight and it was colder. Despite the cooler conditions he managed 8 keepers and fished hard for a second kicker but never got her. Had to work the jig much slower and rely on the Senko a little more. His day 2 partner caught 1 nice fish to go with three others for 10 pounds & made the cut.

Day three was similar to day 2. Stayed much cooler all day and I had to be in early. Only caught 1 on a jig as a follow up to a fish missed with the Senko. The big 6.5 and a keeper spotted bass came on the senko fished really slow. Regretfully missed a fish that swam at him like a bullet that was probably close to 2 pounds. (OUCH) And his co-angler caught a 3’10 in the last 5 minutes that he felt he desperately needed. “I hated leaving the door open but thought if the others caught 12 or less I would be fine. Unfortunately Clark caught 2 kickers to get close to 15 and I came up 1 solid keeper short. I did all I could and did not feel comfortable making a long run to look for fish. I had a great time and more than exceeded my expectations though. But losing by such a small margin and not catching 4 small ones to clinch the win burns at my soul if you know what I mean. I definitely had the right spot but needed just a little help from the fishing gods on Day three. Catching that 6.5 was great though with the photographer watching”, explained Rogge. The guy who won was also in Walnut but he found a bunch of bedding bass. Trevor only saw 2 fish locked onto a bed the whole time.  Here is a link to how the winner Brian Clark caught his bass.

Well, that is what I was able to get from Trevor Rogge, not bad for a MN boy.  Wish him luck as he is fishing the other two Open this year and is well positioned to qualify for the Classic & Elites in 2008.  Derek Remitz could use some company, so wish him well.

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