This should have me caught up….

Last Saturday we stayed at a friend’s cabin on Thunder Lake near Remer MN.  Got to go fishing for about 3 hours in the afternoon, it was the first time that I went fishing this year that I was not filming, practicing for or actually fishing a tournament.  Wow, how time flies during our short summers.  I ended up catching 7 largemouth, 1 smallmouth and a bunch or Rock Bass in that short time.  Most fish came on a Ring Fry around reeds, with a couple coming off the deeper drops on a mojo rig.  Kind of nice, just to go fishing, no strings attached other then an early curfew
Lake Fork Ring-Fry  or Baby Ring-Fry  Softbaits
As for this weekend, I was planning to fish the last Bassmaster Weekend Series tourney out of Alma, then last minute decided not to.  Got a ton of stuff going on at work and big family vacation to Spain right afterward.  So this weekend will be preparation for that and probably another short Fun Fishing excursion on Sunday.  Possibility to shoot some more footage for “All About Bass”.

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