Catch Up Time

Man not enough time to blog in the day these days….

Couple things to update on:
nullCheck out this 7lb 2oz pig that Richard Wong caught from a local metro lake, see a story here.  Hard to believe this thing did not weigh more, guess it was lacking in length, but not girth!  Either way, I am sure Mark Zona would label this as a “Man Bear Pic”, “Slaunch Kong” or “Fence Panda”!!!

I actually just add a new tournament to my tournament schedule, I will be fishing the Celebration Bass Tournament on August 1st on Lake Marion with my buddy Ryan Brant.  Because of scheduling reasons, we did not get to fish the Pan-O-Prog tourney this year, so this should be a fun replacement!

We are up to 95 email subscribers, don’t be afraid to join in.  Also, my Bassin’ Insider Blog is doing very well on, you should check it out, plenty of original content you will not find here.

Also, I am planning to do an ICAST product and lure review, hope to get that done soon.  It really was a blast this year, following all the Twitter and blog updates from the people attending the show.

Also, I think I am getting close to selling a few things on ebay, bit of a mid summer sale, so keep an eye out for that.

Well, guess that is it for now, hopefully I get another entry in before this weekend’s tournament, but if not wish me luck! 
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