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Gift Guide for a Bass Fishing Rube!

Hey All:
This entry has a two-fold purpose.  Its a wish list for myself as my birthday and christmas is right around the corner and at the same time its serves as good reference for anyone shopping for the sportsman in their life.

#1. Good RainGear – I would like to get this  in the Jacket and Bib, I found out the hard way down at Patoka that my raingear had outlived is usefulness.

Bass Pro Shops XPS Gore-Tex Extreme Rainwear Jacket for Men

Bass Pro Shops XPS Gore-Tex Extreme Rainwear Jacket for Men

We’ve combined our experience with durable, super long-lasting comfort to GORE-TEX’s own reputation with innovative materials to produce the most technologically superior rainwear on the market today! Our XPS Extreme Rainwear features revolutionary GORE-TEX’s XCR fabric – the lightest, most breathable and waterproof protection possible. No more bulk. No more uncomfortable overheating. XPS? GORE-TEX? Extreme Rainwear Jacket: Combines XCR technology and 3-layer GORE-TEX for top performance and ultra-comfort. Styled after the best mountaineering parkas, this one features a double storm flap, 3-way adjustable hood, pit zips and a zip-in zip-out system that allows you to add layers as you need them. Imported. XPS GORE-TEX Extreme Rainwear Pants sold separately and can be found through item search with item number 38-865-175

#2. Buy this ProductShimano Symetre 2500 Front Drag This is a necessity if you are planning to start dabbling with Flourocarbon lines.  2000 size and smaller reels, just cause problems with flourocarbon.

#3. Buy this ProductShimano Castaic SF, in my opinion this is the finest pitchin’ & flippin’ reel made and I don’t believe they make it anymore, I would like to get a couple more while they are still available.

#4. Buy this ProductReel Grip Handle Grips – these are a great little perk for someone who already has a ton of fishing stuff.  Makes the real grips a little more comfortable and easier to grip when wet.  Great stocking stuffer for a few reals.  They come in a ton of color schemes, from Camo, blue, red and even Pink!!

#5. Buy this ProductXTools Grip N Weigh Electronic Scale – as far as I can tell, this is the best bargain for scales.  Very durable, waterproof and it even floats.   I am in serious need of a good scale……

#6.Buy this ProductGambler Cane Toad – these are great little lures and must for any serious anglers tackle box.  I think the Cane Toad is the best of the best when it comes to swimming toads.  Better than the Zoom Ultravibe Horny Toad, Stanley Ribbit Frog, Yum Buzz Frog and all the rest.

#7. Bass Pro Shops Lure Wraps – great necessity for any time you have a lure with treble hooks tied on.  Protects against tangles, snags in your carpet and especially your seats.  In the long run, it’s a time saver and a safety thing.  If you are a non-boater, this will save you from being the guy who snags a seat in your boater’s brand new bass boat

#8. Gift Cards to a local sporting goods store or one of the great online store likes  or  They can always find something they need with a nice Gift Card.  They will appreciate a gift card over something they do not need.

#9.  Under Amor Cold Gear – This would be great for those early spring and late fall outings, some matching leggings would be beneficial as well.  XL tops and L bottoms.

Under Armour ColdGear Mock Turtleneck for Men

Under Armour ColdGear Mock Turtleneck for Men

Under Armour: The Advantage is Undeniable.? ,,For every kind of weather, and in every environment, Under Armour apparel delivers maximum comfort! ,,,, ColdGear?: for when it’s cold. Your first and most important line of defense against the cold — just because you have to hunt in the cold doesn’t mean you have to hunt cold. ColdGear is ideal as a cold weather base layer for warmth without bulk. Made from a double-sided fabric that wicks moisture from the skin and circulates body heat, it’s perfect for the working-and-waiting transitions the outdoorsman faces. Built in a compression fit to keep you warm and dry without weighing you down. Machine wash. Imported. Under Armour? ColdGear? Leggings sold separately and can be found through item search at item number 38-794-391-02

#10. Buy this ProductPower Pro Braided Line – it seems as though they have come with a new ‘Phantom Red’ product.  I would really like to try this line in some 40#, 50# & 65#.  I am a big fan of Cajun Red Lightning Line, so this is a logical step for me.

I may add to this list, so check back.  Also I’ll add a few other small items here on the bottom.
Sudoko Puzzle Book – Travel a lot and its a good distraction on the plane or in the passenger seat.
Minnesota Vikings Visor – I need a good Vikings Visor to sport on Sundays
Bass Fishing DVD’s – always a good bet
Bass Fishing  Wall Calender 2007

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Getting Back in the Flow

Hey All,

Posts have been a little less frequent then you were accustomed to this past 9-10 months.  Part of that has been a hectic fishing and work schedule, the other part is being a little bummed about Patoka and hard to get excited with ice just around the corner.

I plan to prepare a holiday shopping gift list for true Bass Fishing Rube like myself.  I figure it will be a good reference for those of you trying to make a list and for those out there trying to find ideas for their “hard to shop for” Sports man or woman.  Also its time to start looking towards some big national tournaments coming up, I plan to watch those a little closer and Blog about them.

In the mean time, check out my newly added ‘SHOP’ page on my main site.  I have created a list of great places to shop for outdoor gear.  Just click on those banners when you are shopping online, my website gets a small commission and you get the same great prices.  It costs you nothing and it helps offset the cost of my website and blog that some of you say you enjoy so much, so please help me out a bit there.  Also, my forum is a great place to loiter during the workday

Stay Tuned,
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More Bass Fishing Info

If you have not noticed, I started a Bass Fishing Forum to augment this Blog and my webpage –

If you are looking for more bass info or other ways to post your questions or thought, check it out –

There is a classified section and a general section so far.  I know sometimes there are questions that do not necessarily match up with the topics on the blog and the forum is wide open place for all questions and ideas.

Hope you like it!
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Good Bass Fishing Site & Forums

Recently I have come across a few good sites.  First, the Minnesota Bass Federation Nation has started a Bass Fishing Forum.  You can find a link to the Message Board on the homepage of

Also check out and their bass fishing forum. It has a ton of info on Minnesota & Wisconsin Bass Tournaments.  Everything from small money circuits to major tournaments.  Fishers of Men, Anglers Edge, BFL, Stren Series, etc…


Head East Young Man

If you are like me, you have been waiting for this weekend to come all winter….

Saturday May 6th is Wisconsin Bass Opener!  If you live in the frozen tundra & prefer lakes over rivers, this is your first legal angling opportunity for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass.  Unfortunately I do not have my boat ready, so I will only be dipping my boat into a local metro lake for a test drive this weekend, but I will be headed to laceName w:st=”on”>Deer & WappogassetlaceName> laceType w:st=”on”>LakeslaceType> next weekend to practice for my first to club tournaments next weekend.  Sorry Mom, we will have to get together once I get off the laceType w:st=”on”>lakelaceType> laceName w:st=”on”>SundaylaceName> night   You understand how it works….


So where are all of you fishing in WI this weekend?  Check back next weekend to learn how my prefishing days were on the water.


Good Luck,


Wrapped Boats – Great Concept!

When BASS forced its Elite Series contenders to wrap their boats & trucks, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to tournament bass fishing.  I am sure this idea, spawned from the sponsor wrapped Rangers that the FLW uses in the final 2 cut days at their tournaments.  Why shouldn’t every Pro Angler brand themselves and their sponsors, similar to Nascar?  Click on the following link to see all the wrapped boats from this year’s Bassmaster Elite Series competitors.
Wrapped Boats 

I am sure most Nascar Fans follow their guys by both major sponsor and car number.  Soon Bass Angling Fans will know that Skeet Reese runs the Lucky Craft boat and Brent Chapman runs the GE boat, etc.  You also see many anglers picking numbers to put on their boats as well.

This is a great vehicle to increase the amount of non-endemic sponsors and dollars participating in bass fishing.  There is a lot of billboard space on a truck & boat traveling across the country as well as getting on TV during tournaments.

I think my favorite wraps are Randy Howell, Stephen Browning, Ish Monroe & Mike Reynolds.  Who are your favorites?


New Lineup on Bass Saturday – ESPN2

You may have noticed a couple new shows this morning on the Saturday morning lineup.  Bass Insider and A Day on the Lake.  I only saw a few minutes of Bass Insider, but it looked pretty solid.  I guess we will see what the upcoming episodes in the coming weeks.

The more exciting new show is “A Day on the Lake”.  This is a spin off of one of my favorite sections in Bassmaster magazine.  The basic premise, a BASS Tour Pro tackles a lake that they have never been on and have a limited time to figure it out and catch some fish.  This is often the situation, that you and I face every weekend when we check out a new lake.  This could easily climb its way on to my Top 10 favorites show list.  I believe there is a a ton to be learned from watching these pros when they are put into these situations.  So tune in and tune up your game!


BassFan Magazine – Inaugural Issue Reviewed

If you do not have one, run out to your local tackle shop and see if they have any.  Most retailers are giving them away.  Here is a list.  You do not to be the only one that does not have the first ever issue….  Its even says collectors edition on the cover!

Go out and get them while they are HOT!

On a serious not, I read mine cover to cover.  Its got some good pieces on KVD, IKE, George Cochran & HACK.  Also there are some good tips and some articles & photos that expose the lighter side of Pro Fishing.  It also covers both FLW & BASS.  There is a good article on Pro Fishing vs. Golf vs. NASCAR.  Once you get past the cover that looks more like a bondage mag than a Bass Fishing Magazine.  I think without the helmet, you may actually be able to tell that is Greg Hackney on the cover.  Over all, I give it Very Good for a first issue, it will be interesting to see how the publication progresses.  I will be ordering it once they open up for subscriptions.


Look where I popped up…..

My big bass from Amistad and I ended up on the HomePage of Bass Fishing Experts!  You can also see the picture in the gallery section.  This is a pretty cool site, its kinda new, so its getting more content all the time.  The best part is, you can be part of the content.

You can submit your own tips, photos, product reviews, etc.  All this and more at BFX!



After the weigh-in & last morning on Lake Amistad

Immediately after the crowning of Ish Monroe as the champion of the inaugural Elite Series event, Ryan & I headed back out onto the lake for the last few hours of daylight.  These are two of the better fish I caught, one was on a Lucky Craft Pointer and the other was on a White 8″ Lake Fork Top Dog Lizard off a bed in about 4ft of water around a large flooded bush.

My fishing partner Ryan got one nearly 6lbs off a bed on a Red Bug Lake Fork Tackle Zig Zag, rigged on a light Texas rig.  The next morning we got into some jerkbait fish, I did not catch anything worthy of breaking out the camera, although Ryan got a 4.5lb largemouth on a large Rapala Husky Jerk fished over some grass in about 10-12ft of water.  We caught several quality fish using his technique.  I also managed a few fish on a bleeding baby bass Secret Weapon Spinnerbait that was fished around flooded bushes.   

Unfortunately the morning ended too soon, we had to pack up and head for San Antonio to catch our flight.  We were welcomed back home in Minneapolis with a 12″ of white fluffy snow  

Quick note: Greg Hackney leads the first day of the Bassmasters Elite Series at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, but he only holds a slim lead over Kevin VanDam & Mike Iaconelli.  The Day 1 leaderboard looks like a who’s who list of today’s top stars.

Angler                   Hometown              No./lbs-oz  Pts   Total $$$

1.  Greg Hackney           Gonzales, La.           5  22-02  305    $1,000.00
  Day 1: 5   22-02  
2.  Kevin VanDam           Kalamazoo, Mich.        5  22-01  295
  Day 1: 5   22-01  
3.  Michael Iaconelli      Runnemede, N.J.         5  21-08  290
  Day 1: 5   21-08  
4.  Dean Rojas             Lake Havasu, Ariz.      5  21-00  285
  Day 1: 5   21-00  
5.  Edwin Evers            Talala, Okla.           5  20-12  280
  Day 1: 5   20-12  

Wish I was still in TX,

Spot Remover