Fresh Baits Getting Bit in Florida

There are lot of newer baits and prototypes making several pros lots of money as of late.  Here are a couple examples:

Skeet Reese seems to have found his dominating form again.  While he caught plenty of fish on his name sake Pit Boss & a jig.  He claims that he got several key big bites on a new Berkley Havoc Sick Fish swimbait.

Photo by Tom Leogrande

Then the week before, the new Havoc Rocket Craw fueled his high finish on the St. John’s River.  Skeet tells us in this video that the bait was designed by FLW Pro Scott Suggs.

Photo by BASS & Seigo Saito

Back to the Big O, Ish Monroe dominated the field and the big fish on a new beaver style creature / flipping bait called the D Bomb from Missle Baits.

Ish used the D Bomb on a heavy tungsten weight with punch skirt and on a Medlock Jig.

Yes, the same Medlock jig that Brandon Medlock won an FLW tournament earlier this year and the year before.  Check out Monster Fishing tackle to buy the Medlock Jig online.

So if you are an angler that has to have the goods, might want to keep a close eye on some of these hot baits.  The D Bomb and Medlock jig are available to buy now and I expect the Sick Fish & Rocket craw will come out around July and ICAST.