2012 Bassmaster Classic Day 2 – Red River

As expected, things changed on day 2, from the weather to the conditions to the fish to the leaderboard, it was a ripple effect.  Greg Vinson still holds down the runner up spot, but instead of being an ounce behind Mr. Poche he is a full pound behind a surging Chris Lane who brought a tournament’s best 19lbs 4oz to the scale today.

Photo by James Overstreet

For me, their were two surprises today following today’s coverage, there is a fair amount of sight fishing happening as bass are moving up on beds and the other was Timmy Horton’s super sweet throwback jump suit.  I didn’t expect bedding fish to be factor, but it is obviously happening.  Even sweeter was Horton’s tournament attire, I am guessing he will wear it again tomorrow as he was tied for 3rd biggest bag of the day.

The top two anglers do have a little distance from the pack, but not much.  I think it is pretty wide open down through the top 6 or so and the top 12 are still in the game.  Outside of the top 12, it would take some serious 20lb plus bags and some stumbling on top to make that happen. All reports point this to being a grinder’s tournament, jigs and soft plastics seem to be dominating.

Everything is shaping up to be another exciting Bassmaster Classic final day!  I am putting my money on Vinson, but Lane is surging, either way a huge career booster for either angler!

On a side note, my fantasy team surged from 19% to 45% and I still got 3 guys alive fishing day 3 that can move me up, but only 1 is a any threat at all for the top spot, which is Keith Combs and he is a long shot at 11th.


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