It’s Fantasy Bass Fishing season again

If you have not played FLW Fantasy Fishing the past few years, I think you are missing the boat.  Check out all the great prizes & cash they are giving out described in this article .  Not too bad, huh?  All that just for picking articles better then your bass buddies!

On top of all the FLW prizes, there are many leagues that you can join to win additional prizes and as per usual I will be having my own league for Bassin Blog readers.  Just head to

FLW League # = 11590 & password : bassin

On top of my normal prizes, if winners are fans of the Bassin Blog on Facebook , they will get extra prizes!

Need some help picking your team?  Listen to a podcast of Greg Huff and I breaking down the first tournament on Lake Okeechobee.  Sorry for the short notice, you only have about 3 hours to get your Big O picks in, but you can still join my league for the rest of the season.

Here is a run down of my anglers, listen to podcast above for details on why.
Chris Lane – Winner
Terry Scroggins
John Cox
Greg Pugh
Scott Martin
Jimmy McMillan
Bryan Thrift
Brent Erhler
Randall Tharp
Glenn Browne

Bassmaster Classic is right around the corner, will post league details and picks for that soon enough.