My Deer Hunting Season thus Far…..

Deer hunting has been super slow, and it’s not necessarily because I’ve been a bad shot, because if it was then I could get some some shooting glasses from to try and help improve my precision. No, I’m afraid my deer hunting prowess has been almost permanently sidelined because I have been fishing the whole time. Yep, you got me, too busy fishing all the time, haven’t been caring as much about hunting anymore.

I’m sure that I’ll get into deer hunting again though, maybe if the novelty of fishing wears down. I might need to read up more on online resources like guide to mounting a scope and others. I might also need to keep an eye on my licenses just in case they expire, I heard some poor man got pulled over, and because his concealed carry license expired (see: they took the guns he had in his car. Don’t want that happening to me if I decide to get back in the game. For now I’m content with my fishing, even at this time of year.

Most of you think the fish have long stopped biting, no true. Even water temps have been 38-42 degree my last few trips, still catching plenty of fish. My guess I will continue to be in denial until about February 28th when Minnesota bass season officially closes.

This time of year, I find it important to gear up clothing wise to make for a comfortable trip. I rely on moisture wicking shirts as my under layers and a nice camo beanie to do the trick! That’s perfect for fishing.

With the cold water, finesse tactics have reined supreme and smallmouth have been the main focus, get them around a little current and they don’t seem to mind the cold so much as them silly lake largemouth, although they can still be caught, check out my buddy Josh’s latest hunting expedition .

A 3″ tube has been my go to bait in year’s past, but maybe the fish are on to me, because this year a flick shake type wacky worm a Zappu Inchi Wacky head (pictured above) has been deadly and if they are hugging the bottom a little tighter to the bottom, a 3.5″ Smallie Beaver on a 3/16oz Picasso shakey head has been doing the job.

Josh also joined me on one of the smallie trips where we wrecked them pretty good, you can scroll down on his blog to see more pics!

Until next time….