Putting in my Time

Not much for tournaments lately, I kind of been busy spending time on Lake Minnetonka preparing for the Minnesota Federation Nation  Tournament of Champions in early September.  The lake goes off limits for me and my competitors this Friday.  It really is a shame that I have not spent more time on Tonka since I have essentially lived in the Twin Cities all my life.

The thing about Tonka, there is so much water and so many contours and stuff to learn.  That being said, I have been spending quite a bit of time out there mainly driving around with my electronics searching for new deep water spots.  The learning curve is still super steep on this lake, but I am trying to do as much homework as possible.  I did manage a few nice fish on new spots this past Sunday, as well as an 18″ Fatty Smallmouth that I had camera malfunction and did not capture.

Not sure what I will be doing during the off limits, maybe doing some fun fishing or maybe trying film some more for “All About Bass”.  So who knows how regular the blogging will be here in the short term, but in the mean time, take a listen to the latest “Twin City Limits” podcast .  Lots of talk about the BASS Post-Season, Sale of BASS, interview with Zona, and much more.  It is a real solid listen.  Listen to the embedded player here or check it out on TwinCityLimits.podbean.com or on iTunes.

It is a lengthy podcast, but I think it is a good one!