Knife Lake – Gopher Bassmasters Tournament – July 12, 2009

I was able to get up to Knife Lake on Friday night for about 3 hours to scout the lake for my tournament that was on Sunday, prior to that I had never been on the lake.  I did catch a few fish, but nothing bigger then about 2lbs, learned my way around the lake anyways.  Because of some last minute adjustments, I ended up fishing alone in this tournament and there for was last boat to take off.  So I decided to just start by the landing.  After working the shallows with buzzbaits, frogs, jigs and a chatterbait, I decided to toss my Carolina Rig out from one of the small points, it did not take long to put a nice solid keeper in the boat on a ring fry.  I ended up catching one more fish on the C-Rig and another on a Chompers Twin Tail Grub  on a TackleSmith Tungsten Bronzeback Football head jig.  Not too long after that, I picked up two smaller keepers on a chart/white Fishing Magician VooDoo.  Fished a few docks along there and got nothing on them early.

I then decided to head down to near the bridge where I got a few decent bites on Friday evening, I ended up catching a few really small keepers, not what I had hoped.  I kind of bounced around a bit, finally got a nice 3lb bite on a dock with my 1/2oz Black Blue Tru-Tungsten jig with Blk/Blu Rage chunk.  I spent most of the day hopping around fishing banks and rocky areas, catching fish here & there, but nothing that really helped my bag.  After lunch the sun started popping out, so for the last 90 minutes I decided to commit to fishing docks with my Tru-Tungsten jig and cover water.  The afternoon dock bite really seem to go, as I caught about 10 fish in that time and caught my two biggest fish.

My final weight ended up being 14.59lbs which was barely good enough for first place, I really thought it would take more weight to win this lake, I think we caught it on a bad day.  See full results here.  I also advance to the Final Four of Gopher Match fishing and jumped from 4th to 1st in the overall standings on the weekend. 
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