Retrotec Inc. is very excited about a new partnership with long time Elite Pro angler Mark Menendez.” We have followed Mark’s career. Mark has done things differently from other anglers as far as his ideas with saving weight on his boat. This saves wear and tear on not just his boat, but on his tow vehicle as well. This saves money for him and also saves energy for the planet. Mark has already found a way to save thousands of dollars every year on his approach of weight control and how his rigs are set up. We are very happy to join him in a new adventure this year. Marks new boat is carrying the Stay-N-Charge Systems. He won’t have to worry about his batteries not making it through a day on the water” said Jim Payne.

Stay-N-Charge products are designed to take power already generated from the tow vehicle
as well as the outboard motors to recover lost power in batteries. This process will keep batteries at a higher rate of charge with less heat build up. Stay-N-Charge allows the batteries take the power needed to recover faster without the need of power from the power grid.

“It is the system that is perfect for the angler needing an edge,” Menendez stated. “I run a Skeeter 20 I-Class bass boat. This boat rates for 250hp. This makes my third boat rigged with a Yamaha 225 HPDI. I have reduced the weight my boat carries to maximize performance. I have removed my heavy on board charger from my rig. My batteries are Optima Bluetop Marine Batteries (D34M) that weigh 43lbs each. This reduces approximately 190lbs from my boat. This boosts my top end performance by nearly 2 mph. The Stay-N-Charge All Charge system is continually passing power to all of my batteries as the outboard is running. I never have to worry about having enough power to troll. The Stay-N-Charge also charges my batteries from the alternator of my tow vehicle on my way home from the water. This allows my boat to utilize manufactured electricity that is lost in most cases. I do not have to pull power from the power grind on a regular basis like most anglers. The Stay-N-Charge is helping me to be ‘greener’ to the planet”, said Menendez.

An additional benefit to the weight reduction is that my tow vehicle does not have to haul the additional 190lbs across the country. This gives me better fuel economy for my vehicle. This all translates to more fishing and less costs”, claimed Menendez.

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