I am a Winner!

Even though I picked KVD to win in Super 6 and had him on my BASS Fantasy Fishing roster, it was my FLW picks that gave me a 16th over all at Lake Norman, which entitles me to a Free FLW T-Shirt   The guy that is running our group has been giving out prizes for winners in our group and I won that as well.  Does it really get any better then this? 

Yes it does!  Because I scored 40 points in Super 6, I won $5 from Mr. Veech!!!! 

Overall I am still hanging in the overall standing for BASS Fantasy at 23rd overall.

99.9 23  Lakeville HellaBass, Gopher BASS 2835

I need to start thinking about who I am going to plug in at the #5 spot for the next major tournament……

I plan on doing some summaries of patterns and lure for the last two Elite Series tourneys on Clarks Hills & Guntersville, so look for those soon.  Also, thanks to email subscriber #29, they are joining fast & furiously these days.
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