Patoka Revisited & Looking forward to 2007

Hey all,

This post serves a couple purposes:
1: To revisit Patoka and talk about some key things that worked for me.
2: Preview improvements of entries and improved speed of info

The following pictures are the two baits that were most productive for me in practice and during the tournament at the Weekend Series Divisional on Patoka Reservoir.  As you may know, I did not have a terrific tournament, but these baits were productive and I think I just did not find enough quality areas to put them to work during the tournament.  Review tournament entries here.

  The first pic is a Lucky Craft Flat Mini DR Crankbait in a splatter back pattern.  This was my best lure in practice and in tournament for catching keeper fish as well as several other fish that were close to measuring.  As you see I almost always change out the from treble and put on a red treble hook. 

 This was my second best lure, I caught my first keeper in practice on it as well as many fish that were very close.  This is a 9/16oz. Secret Weapon Lure Spinnerbait with a custom skirt that I made and I used a trailer hook the entire tournament.  I like adding just a few strands of red to my skirts

These pictures were taken with my new Motorola Q (exclusively at which is my new cell phone.  The great thing about this, is that I will be able to take pictures and videos of practice and tournaments which will add to the detail of my Blog entries.  I believe taking pictures of the actual baits that I use will add to the value as I tend to make tweaks and modifications to my tournament baits (i.e. Red Trebles, trimmed skirts, trailer, etc.)  It is one thing to say I was throwing a jig, bot show you a pic so you can see the exact color, trailer and how its rigged adds much more value.  I also will be able to enter textual blogs from my phone which will allow me to get more info to all of you quicker

Let me know if you think this will add value and intrigues you to keep reading in 2007….

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