Head East Young Man

If you are like me, you have been waiting for this weekend to come all winter….

Saturday May 6th is Wisconsin Bass Opener!  If you live in the frozen tundra & prefer lakes over rivers, this is your first legal angling opportunity for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass.  Unfortunately I do not have my boat ready, so I will only be dipping my boat into a local metro lake for a test drive this weekend, but I will be headed to laceName w:st=”on”>Deer & WappogassetlaceName> laceType w:st=”on”>LakeslaceType> next weekend to practice for my first to club tournaments next weekend.  Sorry Mom, we will have to get together once I get off the laceType w:st=”on”>lakelaceType> laceName w:st=”on”>SundaylaceName> night   You understand how it works….


So where are all of you fishing in WI this weekend?  Check back next weekend to learn how my prefishing days were on the water.


Good Luck,


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