New Lineup on Bass Saturday – ESPN2

You may have noticed a couple new shows this morning on the Saturday morning lineup.  Bass Insider and A Day on the Lake.  I only saw a few minutes of Bass Insider, but it looked pretty solid.  I guess we will see what the upcoming episodes in the coming weeks.

The more exciting new show is “A Day on the Lake”.  This is a spin off of one of my favorite sections in Bassmaster magazine.  The basic premise, a BASS Tour Pro tackles a lake that they have never been on and have a limited time to figure it out and catch some fish.  This is often the situation, that you and I face every weekend when we check out a new lake.  This could easily climb its way on to my Top 10 favorites show list.  I believe there is a a ton to be learned from watching these pros when they are put into these situations.  So tune in and tune up your game!


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