BassFan Magazine – Inaugural Issue Reviewed

If you do not have one, run out to your local tackle shop and see if they have any.  Most retailers are giving them away.  Here is a list.  You do not to be the only one that does not have the first ever issue….  Its even says collectors edition on the cover!

Go out and get them while they are HOT!

On a serious not, I read mine cover to cover.  Its got some good pieces on KVD, IKE, George Cochran & HACK.  Also there are some good tips and some articles & photos that expose the lighter side of Pro Fishing.  It also covers both FLW & BASS.  There is a good article on Pro Fishing vs. Golf vs. NASCAR.  Once you get past the cover that looks more like a bondage mag than a Bass Fishing Magazine.  I think without the helmet, you may actually be able to tell that is Greg Hackney on the cover.  Over all, I give it Very Good for a first issue, it will be interesting to see how the publication progresses.  I will be ordering it once they open up for subscriptions.


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