I was doing so good…

Really all year I had been really good about not buying tons of new gear, partly due to the fact that I had pretty much what I needed.

Well I think I found what you can buy for the bass angler that has everything, get him some Custom Painted Crankbaits

I’m not sure how I got started, but within the last few weeks, I have been bidding and winning on several custom painted crankbaits on ebay .Below you will see several baits from my conquests.  My quick pictures, don’t necessarily do these baits justice.

The top 2 baits (H2O Express Lipless & New Xcalibur CS300 Squarebill) are from BaitWerks and they are painted in “Rheem Shad”, a shad pattern developed by Elite Series Pro Clark Reehm.

Then there are four 2.5 Shallow Cranks & two DT6’s from Hidden Valley Tackle.  I am kind of excited by the Smallmouth patterns, I think they could be awesome on the river, plus the top left TIger Gill color is really nice.  Either way, I get to show the bass something new come spring!

So, have a little fun, do a quick ebay search for custom painted crankbaits .  Even if you don’t bid or buy, there are tons of beautiful baits out there to admire, almost like going to a bass fishing art gallery.

Also, like I mentioned before, great gift ideas for the angler that has it all.

Fishfinders.com offers great deals on fishfinders and other marine electronic equipment.

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