Mid-December Bass Fishing Potpourri

I realized I am running out of time to put together a big long list of posts for Gift Ideas for the Bass Fishing Maniacs out there like I have in the past.  I hope to get out and do some smallmouth fishing this Friday if weather cooperates.  So let’s get started, I got some fun stuff of mine that I am selling on ebay, reels, tackle, line, tournament shirt, etc.

Also check out the nice sale at Akinetix.com right now, they got some great choices of affordable polarized sunglasses that are very good quality, and some great moisture wicking gear for all seasons of fishing.
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Tru-Tungsten 5″ Tru-Life Shad Swimbaits have finally hit the shelves, these look to be a great balance of big fish potential and still catching good numbers, I will have a handful of these bad boys for spring, Fo Sho!  Also check out the new TT Flea Flicker for all your wacky worm jigging needs!

Swimbait Above is the 5 inch Shad in “Big Sexy”
Also relatively new to the bass fishing scene, are punch skirts.  Basically you are adding flair to your normal heavy Tungsten flipping rig by adding a specialized skirt between your flipping weight and your favorite flipping plastic craw or creature.  So you get the appearance of a jig, but without the bulk to impede penetration into the thick stuff and weedguards that sometimes foul hooksets.

Check back for more ideas soon!

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