Deer Lake & Wapogasset Club Tournament Preview

After last weekends outing on Deer & Wapogasset, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what to do for the staging pre-spawn fish.  My plan is to try to get out of work early and head over to Deer Lake to cruise around the shallows and get a feel for how far the fish have progressed since last weekend. 

Because we are fishing these two tournaments “No Cull”, it changes how I may go about things.  I feel pretty confident I could start out with Jerkbaits & lipless cranks and get a limit in the morning.  If I do that and females make themselves easy pickings in the afternoon, then I am hosed because I am stuck with a livewell full and I cannot cull them out.  So if the water looks right, I may just start the morning looking for bigger fish.

Although traditionally our May club tournaments are pretty stingy, so I may put the first few keepers in the box regardless of size.  I have been burned before by throwing keepers back.  I feel there is a pretty solid chance there will be some fish ready to spawn by tomorrow afternoon.  I think it got warm enough 2 weeks ago that they are itching to get’r done.  Plus I think the water actually may be a coulple feet down then our surface temp’s are telling us.

Check back early next week for results & details as I will not have internet to doing any Blogging this weekend.


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