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Props to my Pops!

Little behind on my blog after the whirl wind that was last week.  While I was at the TBF Northern Divisional, the MNBFN Tournament of Champions (TOC) was taking place on Island Lake Reservoir just north of Duluth, MN.  Sadly this was the first time I have missed the TOC since 1997.

On a positive note, my father, Wayne Lindgren brought home the title on a rather stingy fishery.  We both have qualified for divisionals in the past and come close to a state title, but he got it first.  He weighed 9 smallmouth over the two day event for 25.21lbs, nearly a 2lb margin of victory.  The bite was so tough that out of 130 plus anglers, only two anglers managed a 5 fish limit each day of the event.  You can find the final results here.

3 of his 4 Nice Smallmouth Bass from Day 2

Wayne fished a handful of spots, mainly he finessed soft plastics such as LFT Fork Craws & Craw Tubes in 3-5ft of water.  Deadsticking was definitely part of the tactic to tempt the pressured smallmouth.  He also reports losing a 4lb plus smallmouth on day 2 that would have really opened up his lead.

You can read a nice write up from Sam Cook and also check out some video coverage from local FOX21 of Duluth.  Also a short blurb from Duluth Tribune.

Congrats again Dad!

Also, I got some fishing stuff on ebay right now, check it out.  Lucky Craft, Okuma Reel, Fishing Line, Soft Plastics, etc….


Gopher Bassmasters Mille Lacs Tourney & Photo Shoot

On Saturday I made the drive up to Onamia super early in the morning to partake in a Gopher Bassmasters club tournament.  Frankly, I had not been to Mille Lacs in over a year, this would be my only my second time on this large pond, I just using this fun tournament as an excuse to get back up there.  This was setup as a measure tournament with immediate release of the fish.

My partner Henry & I launched out of Cove Bay, I caught a nice largemouth out of the reeds on a 3/8oz BassTEK tungsten jig, but we fished a bunch more reeds and nothing else.  From there we bucked a NNE wind up to around Vineyard Bay.  We dabbled around more reed clumps until we came to a small point.   We ended up catching seven largemouth on this point area and missing a couple others.  We tried to expand on this water more and kept chasing green fish, but no bites in some really great looking water.

So I used my map chips and graphs to find a subtle area offshore.  I quickly caught a smallmouth on a jerkbait and then had a few follows.  Not long after that Henry boated his 4th fish on a tube and had a bigger fish under the one we netted, unfortunately I had a jerkbait rod in my hand and not  a drop bait when I netted it.  We stayed in this area for awhile and I managed to hook to big smallmouth only to lose them both, that seemed to kill the bite on this spot.  I tried to duplicate and find more areas like this, while we fished some very enticing looking rock structures, no smallies that we could get to bite or show themselves.

We revisited our point with the sun out and I caught two more smallmouth on soft plastics.  We then hit some docks, Rocky Reef & Izaty’s before finishing the day around the Cove Bay, I only managed one more small smallies on the jerkbait.  I was disappointed that Henry never got his 5th fish and that I did not boat the bigger smallies I had hooked.

When we returned to the meeting point, I was suprised that my 14.75lbs was good enough for second and only one angler really smacked the nicer smallmouth.  Congrats to Chong on his 19lbs of smallmouth.  My best 5:
17.5″ Largie
17.5″ Largie
16.5″ Largie
16.125″ Smallie
16.125″ Smallie

Definitely makes me want to get back up there and get revenge on some big smallmouth!

Back a few weeks ago, during final day of Elite Series in La Crosse I had the opportunity to do some photo work with Anthony Larson of Coulee Region Adventures and Desiree, who was a mentee and part of the program KAMO, (Kids And Mentor Outdoors) that Anthony is Vice President of this group.  Below are a few shots that were taken by Desiree, she did a great job and looks like she has “the eye” for photography.  Also to see all the photos, check out the full gallery.

Anthony shoots many events and professional photos in the La Crosse area, check him out, especially if you need some professional photos for a sponsor or other event.  I hope to say hi to Anthony again when I am done this week for the FLW Everstart Central event this week!

Videos of Super Bass Raise Many Questions…

I recently read some press releases and watched videos of super aggressive and large “Super Bass”.  Special breeds of bass called Gorilla and Tiger bass genetically cross bread to make a bass that grows fast and is incredibly aggressive.

So after reading release which I have inserted below, here are the questions that come to my mind:
How far North can Tiger bass live, say Minnesota?
How much do they cost?
Would my wife divorce me for digging a bass pond in my backyard?

Man-Eating Tiger Bass

The Tiger Bass…big and aggressive.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – With the cameras rolling from WKRG TV out of Mobile, AL, Spencer Ross of Chatom, Alabama, slipped his fingers into the waters of the private Bear Lake. In less than 5 seconds, a 6-pound bass attacked and bit Ross’ fingers. But, the quick-handed Ross brought his thumb under the bass’ jaw & snatched the Tiger Bass out of the water. “I’ve caught these man-eating Tiger Bass that weigh up to 10 lbs numerous times using this technique,” Ross explains.

Ross had been developing his hand-grabbing bass technique for several months. He’d noticed that when he threw bread or crackers off the dock and into the water, that the bluegills there began a feeding frenzy. “I also saw the bass move-in & start to feed on the bluegills,” Ross says. When only 3 or 4 would feed on the bluegills, the bass were very timid. But, when 8 or 10 bass moved-in to feed – especially the bass that weighed 10 lbs or more – these Tiger Bass started attacking the bluegills furiously. One day I stuck my fingers in the water & moved them like a bluegill. A bass came-up out of the water & bit my fingers.” After 3 or 4 more bass attacks, Ross wondered if he could grab hold of these bass by their jaws when they bit his fingers, like catfishermen hand-grab catfish in several southern states. His technique worked. “I’ve even had bass that weighed 10 lbs or more inhale my whole hand and bite my wrist,” Ross explains.

Man-eating Tiger Bass – a cross of a highly-aggressive northern male bass and a female Florida bass that has a history of producing offspring weighing 10 lbs or more – have been stocked in private ponds and lakes for the last several years. Two fishery scientists, Don Keller and Barry Smith of American Sport Fish Hatchery, wanted to solve the problem of stocking the Florida strain black bass that would grow quickly, but these bass were reluctant to bite artificial lures. “A bass in someone’s pond that weighs 10 pounds that no one can catch has very-little recreational value to the pond owner,” Smith explains. “But, if that same 10-pound bass bites aggressively, the fish can be caught and released by many anglers. That’s why Don and I developed the Tiger Bass.”

The proof of the aggressiveness of these big tiger bass is not only in these videos, but also in the catch records of Spencer Ross. “I fish the lake 3 days a week, all-year-long, and I’ve caught and released over 100 bass that have weighed 10 pounds or more from Bear Lake,” Ross reports. If you don’t believe the Tiger Bass will bite you, then check-out this video, shot by one of Ross’ friends ( The news department at WKRG TV out of Mobile, Ala., didn’t believe this tale either, until they sent-out a camera crew. See the results at ( To learn more about Tiger Bass, go to

Win a chance to fish Big Bass Derby from Kruger Farms

Here is a cool contest from where you can enter to win an expenses paid for two trip to fish in a tournament on Lake Minnewaska and be teamed with a professional angler.  Click the picture below register and get all the info!  The event is being hosted by Paige Duke and will take place June 23rd on Lake Minnewaska in Starbuck, MN.

A fun weekend of good fishing, good food and Miller High Life!  You can enter daily until May 14th, 2012.

Check out this video for all the details!

MHL from on Vimeo.

Bull Shoals Fantasy Picks and much more…

Recorded the Fantasy Fishing Insider podcast earlier this morning, hopefully it edits and drops in time for all of you to listen in, but if not, here are my picks.

Last Saturday was so beautiful, had to get out on Pool 2 if only for a few hours.  Tried some new water, for the most part unproductive, caught a few fish though.

I am also excited for the Minnesota Bass Expo this weekend, looks like it is going to be a really cool show, check out the list of vendors.  I will be there from 4-8pm on Friday, probably find me walking around or hanging near the TBF or Kruger Farms booth.  FYI – Kruger Farms had some killer deals at the Northwest Sportshow, do yourself a favor and stop by their Bass Expo booth, they might surprise you, plus they should have some Dobyns Rods on display if you have not checked them out yet.

Don’t forget about the Aquateko contest, you still got 12 days to enter that contest for free tackle!

Last but not least, I did another quick video showing my system for organizing and storing my soft plastics for bass fishing.  Check out the video.

On the move

Been traveling and busy doing many fishing related activities, but have not been on the water in a few weeks.  First off all, thanks for all that visited me at the Kruger Farms booth during the early part of Northwest Sportshow.  If you are not familiar with Kruger Farms, they are making a big push into fishing, they are one of the newest Dobyns dealers, plus they have tons of other great hunting & fishing gear.

Been lots of activity in the background on the blog, look from some contests and chance to win free fishing stuff reel soon (probably next week), so if you are not a subscriber, you might want enter your email on left side of page next to orange button that says Subscribe.

I have also been doing tips videos in my boat out of the garage, check out the following video tip for managing Alabama Rigs.  I think you will find it to be quite the time saver if you are gonna throw these multi-armed contraptions. Basically how to make any Alabama Rig Better!

As you probably know, I have been phasing in more Dobyns Rod, but after Loomis rejecting a completely valid rod warranty, I have decided to ramp things up and sell off all my remaining Loomis rods.  If you are interested, hit up my Bass

.  I will likely be adding some more tackle and possibly some reels as well.  I got some crazy good deals at the Sportshow, need to make room.


March Madness

Since my office bracket had Missouri over Florida State, I am not talking about the NCAA basketball tournament.  The madness that is going on for me, is frantically preparing my boat for the early open water this year, listing more stuff in my Bass

, because I have been on a tackle organization kick and trying to keep momentum going after picking winners in the last two fantasy fishing events.

So this week, the Elite Series is on the Big O.  If you have not checked out, its a great new site for doing Fantasy Fishing research and keeping up with which pros are fishing the best!

So here are my picks:

As always, check out our podcast page to get more insight to these picks and some of my runner up choices for each bucket and my co-hosts picks (use their picks at your own risk).  Good stuff can be found at as well!

Also, I finally got around to making a quick video from my Lake Falcon trip back in December.  We had terrible wind & rain, so not much video to work with.

Also, I will be posting several G-Loomis rods and other tackle in my Bass

over the next few weeks, going to be replacing them with Dobyns Rods!

Also, MLF Spoiler Alert!!! Congrats to Brent Ehrler, showing he is truly an elite angler!


Basketball smasketball….

Sure this is an exciting week because of March Madness, but what has me all geeked out right now is the warm weather in Minnesota, on the bring of open water bass fishing in March and the Bassmaster Elite Series starting tomorrow on the St. John’s River.  So here are my picks, listen to the podcast to get the 411 and the logic.

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Mean while, I need to remember to call tomorrow and check if my hot foot will be done so I can pick my boat up before the weekend!   I did fill out a few NCAA brackets, but I spent more time thinking about my Fantasy Fishing lineup.

Still need to get caught up on the latest Major League Fishing episode.

2012 Bassmaster Classic Day 1 – Red River

Interestingly enough the top of day one’s leaderboard is not held down by the biggest stars in bass fishing.  The top spot is held down by a home grown Cajun by the name of Keith Poche with a stout 17lbs 13oz, but his lead is ultra slim as Alabama’s Greg Vinson is only a single ounce behind.  Quite possibly the bigger issue for the leaders is the 6 anglers with 16lb bags right on their heels and there are some heavy hitters in that bunch of anglers (Edwin Evers, Lane Brothers, Ott Defoe, David Walker & Dustin Wilks). See Full Standings

Photo by Seigo Seito

The top two anglers have nearly a 2lb lead over the next group and a positive for them is that they both commented that they did not have much company and have a good amount of water to themselves.  This could be a very positive sign over the next two days for Poche & Vinson, but I would be very afraid of Evers and Walker, look for these guys to make a move tomorrow.

In all reality, anybody with 10lbs or more are not completely out of it if they can put 18-20lbs on the scales the next two days.  Overnight lows are supposed to drop a bit tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, calm & sunny.  This is more then likely to cause a shake up in the leaderboard come tomorrow afternoon.  So yes, anglers like KVD are still in this, but they need to make a move tomorrow to be in the hunt on Sunday.

Man do I regret taking Keith Poche out of my fantasy fishing line-up and inserting Brandon Palaniuk during our podcast on Wednesday

Make sure to tune into tomorrow, great coverage from BassCam, War Room, & BassTrakk, but do keep in mind, there are always errors on the BassTrakk.

We’ll close out this entry with a neat little video from Poche’s practice….


Weekend of open water bass fishing

After a very busy winter, I was able to sneak away from the house to chase some open water bass with some good bassin’ buds.  A place that I have fished a few times before in the winter, but a first for several of the others.  The fishing started decent but was not as hot as I had seen it before.

We all caught fish on several lures from flukes, to jigs, swim jigs and chatterbaits, but as the day went on the swimbait bite started to dominate.  It was clear the swimbait would elicit strikes form better quality bass that would pass on most normal offerings.  For the most part we fished a range of 6-8″ swimbaits in slow to moderate sink rates and had to fish them quite slow.

 The patience and persistence paid off in the from of several 3-5lb fish for all those that stuck with the swimbaits.  I have done a fair amount of dabbling with swimbaits and caught fish here and there, but this is probably the first time I felt the swimbait was the predominant bite.  It was very addictive, as these fish keyed on the vibrations of these swimbaits until well after sunset.  My Dobyns 795 Mike Long swimbait rod finally got a well deserved work out!

I inserted a couple pictures into this post, but you can see the full gallery of fish catches here.

Also, Fantasy Bass Fishing season is almost upon us, so catch the first Podcast of the season here.  We break down the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Central Open on Lake Lewisville & much more.

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