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Huge Fall Bass Fishing Tackle & Gear Sale!

Hey anglers, time to stock up this weekend!  20% off of Bass Tackle Depot is like saving 25-30% over your local retailers, free shipping over $50, no sales tax and no gas spent driving around.  Get stocked up for next season or get your Christmas shopping done early!  I am pretty sure I am going to order one of the new Skeet Reese rods!
Great selection of rods, reels, hard to find swimbaits and tackle.

Setting a FLW Fantasy Fishing Lineup for Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is a staple in the FLW Tour schedule.  This lake is known for huge numbers of fish, but not always very big.  One cool thing, is anglers get to fish for the trifecta, as all 3 bass species are present.  Water is reported about 6-8ft high for this tournament, but very clear.

Type of water: highland impoundment of White River
Surface acres: 28,370 acres
Shoreline: 487 miles
Average depth: approximately 55 feet
Max depth: 204 feet
Primary structure/cover: rocks, bushes, lay-downs, docks, points, off-shore brush
Species: largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass
Length minimum: 15 inches for largemouths and smallmouths, 12 inches for spotted bass

All indications is that this tournament will again be a combination of spawn & post-spawn fish. 

Here are my other anglers to watch:
Scot Suggs
Jacob Powroznik

Basically I am sticking with the strategy to keep littering my lineup with anglers that are hot right now and have past experience and lots of wins & top 10’s this week.

Finally, my fantasy fishing picks:

Rich’s Beaver Lake Roster Tour Stats
  Selected Anglers Tournaments Earnings Missed
 1  ANDY MORGAN       89 $ 734,854 74 48 3 13 30 1
 2  GREG BOHANNAN       12 $ 86,500 10 72 1 2 3 0

      87 $ 1,348,100 70 43 7 16 35 2
 4  MICHAEL BENNETT       31 $ 1,391,850 25 53 3 6 13 2
 5  BRENT EHRLER       30 $ 769,000 26 49 1 4 12 1
 6  SHINICHI FUKAE       37 $ 631,650 26 48 2 10 16 2
 7  CRAIG POWERS       69 $ 536,950 60 67 5 9 15 1
 8  ALVIN SHAW       92 $ 710,522 80 59 2 10 24 2
 9  STETSON BLAYLOCK       33 $ 302,975 27 46 3 6 12 2
 10  BRYAN THRIFT       20 $ 250,700 14 40 1 6 11 0

Its not too late to join my group, prizes will be awarded at every tournament and year end.

Sign up today!
Play Fantasy Fishing for Millions

Best regards,
The Commissioner 
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Gift #8 for the Bass Fishing Rube in your life!

Alright, if you have not bought a fishing gift yet for your favorite angler, you are just about out of time by now, but it is not too late……

Gift cards from a fishing or outdoors store is a great gift.  Many of you do not like buying gift cards, because you think its taking the easy way out or not thoughtful enough, but I do not know any of my Bassin’ Buddies that would not love a nice gift card that will let them buy some great stuff for themselves.

Many fishermen are a picky breed when it comes to buying tackle and gear, often times they prefer to do their own shopping, which makes gift cards a great option.

Not to mention a few great online retailers offer electronic gift cards, so it means you can get them instantly and no shipping!!!  Here are a few places to get them.

Bass Tackle Depot
Bass Pro Shops
Monster Fishing Tackle
Nationwide Tackle

Hope this helps you out of a last minute bind!!!  Also, Merry Christmas and hope you all have a safe and very wonderful Holidays!

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Bass Tackle Depot - Free Shipping $50 Orders - Great spot for hard to find Bass Fishing Gear!!

Gift #7 for the Bass Fishing Rube in your life!

It is getting to be crunch time to find and you running out of time to get a good stocking stuffer for your favorite bass angler.  This is a sweet little product that you can sneak in their stocking that will save them a ton of time and a bunch of money over the next year.
Click here to see the first look video Mend It! Video

Mend-It! is a great solution that acts like a glue when used to bond soft plastic baits and swimbaits back together, but does not stick to you or your other stuff.  The great thing is, it brings your favorite, expensive and hard to find colors and baits back to life, which means you can spend more time fishing and less time shopping for new baits.  And more time fishing, means more fish in the boat!!!

You may have heard that this stuff dries up to fast, but they have revamped the packaging. The problems this young company had with product drying out in the bottle has been eliminated with their new patented bottles which insure your Mend-it will outlast your boat, but I would advise you to use it up, because its saves you money, waiting that long would be silly!.  I used Mend-It! last year to fix my swimbaits, my ring frys, basstrix and other baits; it works so much better then super glue or soft bait glue when it comes to bait repair.  I was even able to fix some of my bronzeye and furbit frogs with it.

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Gifts #6 for the Bass Fishing Rube in your life!

The shopping season is dwindling down, so its time to ramp up the Gift Ideas for bass fishing anglers in our lives!!  In my mind, nothing says happy holidays, like the gift of Tungsten

Baits utilizing tungsten, help anglers catch more fish and lure with tungsten, do not contain lead, so they are better for our lakes & rivers.  So if you give your favorite angler a little tungsten in his/her stocking, you can feel good for 2 reasons!  So here are a few ideas of some great ways to give the gift that keeps on giving.

The new 4″ Tru-Life swimbaits are the hot ticket right now, big enough to put big bass & pike in your boat, but not too big to sacrifice bites.  The thing that makes this bait very unique, is the adjustable weight and sink rate system created by the removable tungsten balls that can be put in or taken out on this bait.

Another new Innovation is the Tru-Tungsten soft plastics worms that already have tungsten powder in the head or tails of the worm to weight it.  So this saves the hassle of adding a sinker to your rig, but also helps with hooks ups when setting the hook, because there is no sinker in the way of your hook set.

Or another thought is to keep it simple and just slide some basic Tungsten worm sinkers or Zappu tungsten nail weights in their stockings.

 Tungsten Nail Shot Sinkers

You can find all of this stuff online and most of it at your local tackle retailers, happy shopping!

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Gifts #5 for the Bass Fishing Rube in your life!

This gift idea entry is actually going to be a 3 in 1 combo platter because the guys at Secret Weapon Lures have too much cool stuff to just list one thing!!!  Also, I have attached a person 30% off coupon code at the bottom of this entry for you being a reader!!!  This coupon code is good for buying single spinnerbaits & buzzbaits as well, so if you are already a SWL fan, you can use it to stock up!

Gift Idea #1: Recoil Rig™ Gift Pack

recoilriggiftpack250.jpgNeed the perfect gift to thrill an angler who seems to already have everything? This gift pack supplies special tools an angler can use to coax the biggest bass out of the thickest cover.   Bring your drop shotting and finesse presentations to a new level.

Keep your bait back where the biggest fish lurk. Twitch, shake, shimmy, splash, and tremble it until a trophy-size bass, snook, walleye, trout, or musky can’t stand it any longer, then hold on! The secret in this weapon is the Spectra™-wrapped latex shock cord that stretches between the fishing line and sinker. Every motion of your rod tip is transferred to the lure, creating incredibly life-like action. Improves catch rates for soft plastics, live bait and cut-bait, too.

This 132-piece kit is available only until Christmas Day. And as an introductory special we have it discounted over 50%!  Backed by Secret Weapon’s unconditional money-back guarantee. Get it now!

Gift Idea #2: Recoil Rig™ Master Fisherman Pack

Double the components… double the savings! This is the kit our Prostaff and top touring pros are snapping up for themselves. Enough components to last an entire tournament season. This is serious fishing tackle for anglers who want an edge on the water. Get it now!

Gift Idea #3: Secret Weapon Tackle Packs

thumbnail-kits.jpgHigh-performance, top-quality fishing tackle for anglers who insist on the finest fishing gear and understand how to get the most from it. Secret Weapon has 22 Tackle Packs that meet the needs of anglers at every level, from novice to professional guide to elite tournament pro. Each tackle system is engineered to enable the anger to innovate—adapt in seconds to changing conditions, to configure the perfect lure for every cast.

Good (500-combination Master Packs), Better (2,000-combination ProPacks), and Best (5,000-combination Expedition Pack) — all unconditionally guaranteed. Already the best value in the sport fishing world, they’re an even greater bargain with your 30% discount coupon code.

Single lures make great stocking stuffer as well!

purchases from Secret Weapon’s Online Armory*

Special Coupon from Rich’s Bassin’ Blog!!!!

Anglers like having secret weapons in their tackle boxes — lures they count on when a tournament is on the line, bragging rights are at stake, or a kicker fish is needed to complete the perfect day on the lake. Secret Weapon lures and tackle packs enable anglers to adapt to changing conditions, save money, and ensure satisfaction all year long.

Rated a 2008 Top-10 Fishing Gift!

Share this offer with family and fishing buddies. Discount coupon eexpires December 31, 2008: PCPSRL9
*30% discount is for lures, kits, and tackle components. It does not apply to shipping costs, discount gift certificates, and special sale items.

SWL makes the only spinnerbaits and buzzbaits that I own or use!

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Gift #4 for the Bass Fishing Rube in your life!

All anglers and outdoorsman for that fact really need a good set of polarized glasses.  First and foremost, to protect your eyes from wind, bugs, stray hooks and lures, dust and dirt and numerous other potentially damaging UFO’s.  Let’s face it, most if us would struggle to enjoy life as we know it without our eyes and likely the set you have is the last you will get.

The most important factor of sunglasses is fit, if they are lightweight and fit well, you will keep them on and they will protect your eyes, if you don’t wear them, they do you know good.  The next most important feature is quality optics, low quality optics can strain you eyes in many ways and actually make your eyes tired after wearing them.

With all this said, I trust my eyes to JKruz Eyewear.  My personal choice for cloudy days is Tortoise Storm frames with amber lenses and on bright sunny days I go with my Riptide carbon frames with green mirror tinted lenses
JKruz Storm Series Polarized Sunglasses

These glasses are high quality at affordable prices, check them out!!!  Act now and you can get a free pair of floating polarized sunglasses when you order any other pair, that is a great plan to get multiple people crossed off your list or to get a little something for yourself

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Gift #3 for the Bass Fishing Rube in your life!

As I type my wife and her sister are fighting the crowds of Black Friday, hopefully you are at home reading my blog and shopping online or watching DVR’d bass fishing shows like I am
For the third item, we will pick something a little more affordable for those not looking for big ticket items.  This Rapala Clackin’ Rap is a brand new bait that is priced right for a stocking stuffer or something you can buy 2 or 3 of in different colors and it makes a great gift.

Rapala Clackin' Rap New for 2009
The lipless Clackin’ Rap creates a distinctive sound and vibration profile that allows fish to zero in. The uniquely designed sound chamber features a single steel ball and external metal discs that transmit a distinctive clackin’ sound with maximum vibration. The translucent textured body with internal holographic foil creates an extremely seductive flash. Simply cast, allow to sink to desired depth then steadily retrieve.

  • TECHNIQUE: Casting & Trolling
  • RUNNING DEPTH: Topwater
  • LENGTH: 3 1/8″ long
  • WEIGHT: 7/8 oz
  • Rapala Clackin' Rap Color Selections

    Check out the great sales & deals at Bass Tackle Depot this week, thru Friday!

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    Bass Tackle Depot - Free Shipping $50 Orders - Great spot for hard to find Bass Fishing Gear!!

    Gift #2 for the Bass Angler Rube in your life!

    In my mind, Item #2 is a can’t miss for any bass fishing person you know.  Shimano released their newest version of the highly regarded Curado baitcasting reel.  The newest version is the Curado200E7.  All reviews I have read have been showering praise for this sweet little green reel.  I believe it won best in show at ICAST show this past fall and many other awards!

    The new Shimano 200E’s are smaller than 100’s with the capacity of a 200 series with an all Aluminum Frame. It has Lightweight Graphite Sideplates (Aluminum Handle Side on 300 sizes) and a Recessed Reel Foot. Listed below are more features found in the Shimano 200E series

    • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
    • Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion Gear System (SF)
    • A7075 Aluminum Magnumlite Spool
    • Dartainium Drag
    • 7 Bearings • 1 S A-RB BB • 5 Shielded Stainless Steel BB • 1 A-RB Roller Clutch Bearing
    • Variable Brake System (VBS) with Reduced Mass Hub
    • Super Stopper II
    • Assist Stopper
    • Drilled Handle Shank
    • Septon PV Power Grips (SV on 300 sizes)
    • Cold Forged AL Drag Star with Clicking Adjustment
    • Titanium IP Line Guide
    • 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
    • Metal Cast Control Knob
    • Double Anodized Spool and Handle
    • Disengaging Levelwind System
    • QuickFire II Clutch Bar
    • Made in Japan

    Model Retrieve Per Crank (in) Capacity Test/yd Max Drag (lb) Ball Bearing Gear Ratio Weight (oz)
    CU200E7 Right 30 8/180, 10/155, 14/110 11.0 5 7.0:1 7.6

    I held on the other night at Cabela’s, it was hard to leave the store with out it, but I thought it would be best to see if I get one for my birthday or Christmas.  If I don’t, my friend at Bass Tackle Depot will be hearing from me and I will order it ASAP, maybe a couple of them!!!  Im summary, this reel is super smooth, very light and very tough, what more could you ask for???

    If this reel is slight out of your budget, check out the very stout Shimano Citica E, its an awesome reel as well, for a few bucks less!

    To see the rest of the gift ideas, click on the “Gifts for Bass Fishing Rubes” link on the left sidebar.

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    Bass Tackle Depot - Free Shipping $50 Orders - Great spot for hard to find Bass Fishing Gear!!

    Gift #1 for the Bass Angler Rube in your life!

    2 years ago, I made a gift list for bass anglers before Christmas.  It was also a list I shared with my family as gift ideas for myself.  So I though I would revisit this and try to sprinkle in 10-12 gift ideas for the bass fisher people in your life.  It may give you ideas to buy others or maybe send links of items that you like as hints to people who may be shopping for you.  Since Black Friday is quickly approaching, I thought it was time to start this series.  If you are like me, let the wife & kids head to the mall and I will start my christmas shopping online and avoid the crowds.

    So here is idea #1:
    The Booyah Flipstah
    I first say this in my Bassmaster magazine.  They said it was a Bass ProShops exclusive, so I head out to to get more info.

    ”The Booyah Flipstah will take your casting skills to a whole new level. Whether you’re a beginner or tournament angler, the Flipstah is a must for every fisherman.”
    Alton Jones
    2008 Bassmaster Classic Champion

    The Booyah Flipstah Casting Simulator Game combines the fun of playing an interactive video game with a real-life simulation of on-the-water casting. The Booyah Flipstah is a great way to hone your flippin’ and pitching skills while having tons of fun with the entire family. You can play three different games with up to four players each right in the comfort of your living room! The Booyah Flipstah includes a foldable lake mat, four light up targets, light up dock, two magnetic jigs, two movable stump obstacles, LED scoreboard and wireless remote.

    This is an elctronic casting game / trainer.  It looks to have a timer and multiple angler option.  So this would be great for fishing familys, kids and even to bring to your bass club meetings for a little winter fishing fun!

    To find it, go to and search “Flipstah”

    Check back for more ideas between now and the week of Christmas.

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