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Mississippi Gulf Coast Fishing

Looking for a new destination to experience a
fishing trip of a lifetime?  Well, look
no further than the
Gulf Coast
.   The
Mississippi Gulf Coast hosts the most abundant and diverse species of salt
water fish within the Gulf of Mexico.  
Whether you’re a freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing, or deep sea angler,
the Mississippi Gulf Coast has it all for you. Not to mention the abundance of things there are to do along the Gulf Coast (take a look at this) making it a no-brainer fishing location for dedicated anglers out there.

a national average of about 68 degrees, Gulf Coastfishing is every angler’s dream.  The
numerous bays, bayous, and other shallow inshore waters will help ensure all
day non-stop fishing action filled with catching species such as flounder,
grouper, tarpon, barracuda, red snapper, and bonita.  Charter trips are always a great idea.  The guide will be able to show you the
region’s hot spots where you can spend half the day or the entire catching fish
for sport or for dinner!  It’s a great
way to spend time with your family or with a few of you best buddies.  Nothing feels better than that adrenaline
rush of sitting around on the boat to strapping in and reeling in a monster

saltwater or deep sea fishing isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret.  Choosing to fish inland is a great option as
well due to Mississippi’s rich lakes, rivers, and streams that are home to
largemouth bass, catfish, and trout.  You
may also want to enlist the help of a guide as well for these fresh bodies of
waters.  Many of the guides also are
professional or semi-professional anglers who compete in the Bass Master
tournaments.  If you chose to enlist the
help of these professional anglers, not only will you be shown the best fishing
spots in the area, but you will probably receive some tips and techniques from
a pro!  So if you’re looking for great
fishing in a great part of the world, be sure to check out the Mississippi Gulf

Guest Author:
Gulf Coast Regional Tourism Partnership

Picking best colors for bass jigs

So recently a fishing buddy and I were going back and forth on top jig colors for a side project we are working on.  We spent quite a bit of time going back and forth, so I decided it may be easier to poll a larger audience to confirm or debunk our assumptions on what colors bass anglers across the US favor for their flipping jigs.

It started out as a simple survey I put together, but responses came in rater quickly and exceeded the limit of the free Survey Monkey account.  So I am writing this post to share the results from the first 100 responses which only took a few hours to get and now we have hundreds of responses I cannot access until I pay to upgrade.  So my thought, is to share the initial results here on my blog and invite more of you to participate.

Once I hit a larger threshold of responses, I will pay the fee and then sharer the larger results with all of you.  So please take this survey, if it takes more then 60 seconds you are probably over thinking it.  Also, consider emailing, sharing, this blog post and results with your fishing friends so we can gather as much data as possible.

So below are the 1st 100 response result summary and below that the chart that was posted to survey.

Jig Skirt Color Chart for Reference

If you could only pick 5 of these colors to stock your flipping jig box with, which 5 would you pick? Take the quick survey –

If nothing else, I hope this helps new anglers spend their money wisely on picking jig colors!

Strike King 10XD Now in Some Stores

Just caught wind of this, thought I would share with all of you.  While I am in no rush to get my 10XD’s, those of you that are not for the most part ice locked, probably would love to spool up your heavy cranking sticks with 17-20lb fluoro and chunk these bad boys around.

As of now, LBF has limited quantities and colors of the 10XD in stock and available right now, check it out here.  If you don’t know what I am talking about or what the rage is about, read my other post here.  Looks like

Bass Pro Shops

has them loaded into their store, not sure if they are ready or just able to be back ordered, but they will probably go live there soon.

Happy Hunting, feel free to leave a comment if you want to share some other stores that have the 10XD’s in stock.

Looking back and forward

2012 was a weird fishing year for me, it started with some really good bass fishing in March and April on the river, but my tournament season got off to a later start due to a 2 week family trip to Ireland in May.  Overall, my tournament partner Josh Douglas and I were always a half step off during the NABC season and had a pretty terrible year on that circuit.  I did win a tournament on Lake Marion near my home and cashed a few other checks, but by my standards not a good year.  Looking back, I may have tried to fish less tournament and focus on the ones I fished a little harder.  Fishing life balance is a continuous learning process with two small kids in my family.

For 2013 I look forward to a few new partnerships that are in the works that I will likely be sharing with you soon and open your eyes to some new products that will help you catch more bass.  I really hope to get a few more videos done this winter and all of next year, I got a list of good things to work on, just need to block out the time to shoot the videos.

I do plan to fish fewer events next year and plan to focus on them a little harder with more practice for each event.  With that, I believe I need to work on breaking down water faster and finding fish faster with the limited time I have, in the end, I will probably never have as much practice time as I used to, so I need to adapt.  I have tenative plans to get revenge on the NABC field in 2013, if not that, I will probably focus on the Great Lakes BFL division.

I also hope to get my oldest daughter out in the boat next summer when she is 5 and get her to land her first bass and keep exposing both my girls to the outdoors and fishing to keep them excited about it.

I know the posts have been a little far and few between lately, but this blog is far from dead, just re-energizing!

Well, hope you all had a great Christmas and a safe New Year’s, but I need to get off this computer, I only have a few days left to score an open water smallie before December is over…

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bass Fishing Deals

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and many of the best online bass fishing tackle retailers have some solid deals to try things you have always wanted or just stocking up for spring.  Plus, you may as well get some shopping done from home, while your wife fights the crowds!   Many of these sales run before Thanksgiving, through Black Friday to Cyber Monday and some even longer!

So I though I would try to summarize and highlight a few for you here.

Bass Tackle Depot has one of the longest running sales going now thru Nov 30, 20% off almost everything plus free BassWest subscription over $100 and a free $25 Gift card if you spend $300

Land Big Fish runs now thru Nov 26, they have 20-25% off a large selection of select brands.

Monster Fishing Tackle is running 20% off most inventory now thru Nov 27.

Bass Pro Shops

has a unique 5 day sale running through Sunday Nov 25. has a Cyber Monday special only on Nov 26

There are others, like Tackle Warehouse, they are running 20% off as well.

Plus, per usual I am always inspired to dig up some stuff to sell on my ebay page, right now there is Tungsten Jigs, Shakey Heads, and a few other things, check back, as I will likely be adding items for this holiday weekend, since I will be home watching the kids while my wife shops and spends!

Why Choose Fishing?

Some good info passed on from

October not only toes the 50-yard line of football season, it’s also
the middle of youth soccer season, the end of baseball season, the start
of basketball season, a great time to hit the trails for a run, a hike
or a bike ride, and a picture-perfect month for a golf game. With these
and many other sports options, everyone has a lot of choices for being
active. So, why should someone choose boating and fishing?

Well, for a start, you may find boats for sale are more inexpensive than you had previously thought. Here’s a playful yet informative way to answer that question .

As you look for ways to relax and unwind from the day-to-day grind,
we recommend considering the minimal cost, ease, accessibility, and
enjoyment of fishing and boating.  Join the 83 million Americans who
went boating and the 46 million who went fishing last year.  In fact,
take a friend, a family member, or even your teammates.

As a nation enthralled with sports, Americans have a lot of choices for both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s a game of H.O.R.S.E on the basketball court, watching your kid score the winning goal on the soccer field, or a friendly round of golf among colleagues, there’s always a sport you can participate in. So with all of these choices why should someone choose boating and fishing?  The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation’s (RBFF) Take Me Fishing™ campaign ( answers this question with a playful yet informative infographic. This new visual highlights how boating and fishing offer everything a recreational sport should and more.

In 2011 alone, 83 million Americans participated in boating 1 and 46 million went fishing. 2 As it turns out, annually more people fish than play football and basketball combined. 3 This comes as little surprise considering fishing and boating are fun and relatively inexpensive ways to enjoy the outdoors, as well as bond with family. In addition, studies show that just being near water can help naturally lower anxiety and reduce stress.

“Sports are a big part of people’s lives, and Americans look to them as a way to relax and unwind from the day-to-day grind,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “If you consider the minimal cost, ease, accessibility, and enjoyment of fishing and boating, there is no question in my mind that these two sports can compete with any out there.”

An additional bonus to boating and fishing is the accessibility. There are 3.5 million miles of river in the U.S. and 90 percent of Americans live within one hour of navigable water.5 There are also two times as many boat ramps in the U.S. as there are golf courses, so if you’re looking for a place to launch a boat, you won’t have to look too far. 6

If all of those benefits weren’t enough to give boating and fishing a leg up over the competition, add in the fact that participation helps fund efforts to conserve our natural waterways.

“A portion of all fishing tackle and license sales, as well as boat supply and registration sales, fund the conservation and preservation of our nation’s waterways helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy all that nature has to offer,” said Peterson.

Since 2007, the Take Me Fishing campaign has generated nearly $33 million for state conservation efforts.  The campaign increases awareness of the need to protect, conserve and restore the nation’s aquatic resources by encouraging participation in recreational boating and fishing.  These efforts impact conservation efforts throughout the country.

For more information on boating and fishing and places to participate in the sports, visit

Boat Lifts from are of superior quality and are
backed up with technical and service departments that are top of the
line. Lunmar ships their boat lifts throughout the world and provides
one of the market’s best warranties. All products and parts are made in
the USA, and the prices are affordable. Installation guides are

Lunmar’s inventory includes galvanized and aluminum drive up floating
lifts, side mount lifts, swivel boat lifts, electric boat lifts, piling
mount davits, electric mount davits, seawall mount davits, cradle kit
wood mounts, I-Beam mount sling kits, econo sling kits, pontoon cradle
lifts, cargo lifts, conversion kits, a handicap lift, spreader bars,
wireless remotes plus floating docks and dock accessories such as
extensions and bumpers. Their parts inventory includes such items as
bearings, pulleys, motors, ladders, accessories and more.

Mark Lundy started Lunmar Inc. in 1993 to service yachts along the Gulf
Coast. In just two years the company began the design and manufacture of
custom boat lifts. The demand was so great for the lifts that Lunmar
had to split into two separate divisions, Lunmar Boat Lifts and Lunmar
Yacht Service.

Telephone Lunmar Boat Lifts at 1-800-965-8544 or e-mail them at with any questions you may have.

5 Lure Challenge

I was invited to respond to a Avid Angler Challenge, basically what 5 baits would you pick with to fish for the rest of your life.  So you only get 5 and you are stuck with them….

Seem easy at first, but 5 is not that many compared to what I keep in my boat and being a tournament bass angler, you need to be ready for anything!

1. 1/2oz BassTEK Tungsten Jig – For color, I’d tie up a custom skirt with a Green Pumpkin & Brown combination.  I probably fish a 3/8oz jig more now, but since I am stuck with one, the half will help me fish deep structure better when I need to.  I can swim it, flip it, drag it, stroke it, bass jigs are super versatile. 

2. Baby Brush Hog – To be versatile in most water clarities I’ll go Green Pumpkin Blue.  I like this bait, because ti catches fish of all sizes, tough bites and good bites.  I can fish it on texas rigs, shakey head, as a jig trailer as well mojo and c-rigged.  Just a great bait that gets bit in all conditions.

3. 1/2 oz Chrome/Blue Lipless Crankbait – Not sure on brand, probably a Red Eye Shad or a Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap.  Either way, as long as your patient, you can work any water column that needs a baitfish presentation and chrome blue catches fish everywhere.  So if I am only going to have one crankbait, this would be it.

4. Lake Fork Ring Fry – Doesn’t matter which color, as long as it is green pumpkin.  This bait is an awesome do nothing looking bait that plain catches fish.  It probably most resembles a bluegill.  I often work this bait weightless like most others would fish a senko, but you can rig it most of the same weighs mentioned about the Brush Hog above.  The on other thing I would ask of this bait, is to fish it weightless and it would as act as my frog as well over pads and duck weed.
Lake Fork Ring Fry 609 Green Pumpkin
5.  Yellow Magic Popper – Sometimes you just need a topwater, when fish are keyed on bait, it is a must, plus a supper fun way to fish.  I would go with Bone or shad pattern.  To me, this is the best topwater I own and have ever thrown!
Japanese Popper

Do you think you can narrow your baits down to 5?  Leave a comment and let’s hear it!

Kompak Craw Review & Evolve Contest Winner!

Those that have been following along on the blog for the last few months, you are aware of some contests and product reviews in the works with Evolve Baits

Of the samples sent, I was immediately attracted to the Kompak craw.  While I consider myself a pretty versatile angler, when permitted I will always look to power fish with jigs and soft plastics.  At first glance, the Kompak craw can seem pretty simple and unassuming as a craw bait.  Upon further inspection, there definitely was plenty of thought that went into this craw design.

Kompak craw pictured in Pumpkin Oil color

My first inclination was to put it behind a hefty tungsten weight and flip it around heavy vegetation.  The bait has a long body for it’s small stature, allowing you to put a large 4/0 flipping hook into the bait and it puts the point right in the back of the bait, where it should hook a large percentage of fish.  Also, there is a slight bias to the bait front to back where the hook point goes, allowing a little extra meat for you to hide a big hook point.  The subtle appendages also move enough water to get noticed in the thick cover.

A comparable bait that I like to use for similar presentation would be the old Yum Big Show Craw.  Although the soft yet durable plastic of the Kompak craw holds up much better then the Big Show craw.  So the introduction of the Kompak craw is welcomed in my boat, as it appears to be a better bait and Yum appears to have stopped producing the Big Show for the time being.  If you love to punch milfoil or other vegetation with a craw, this is a must try bait!

The setup I used to fish the Kompak craw was Punch rigged with a 4/0 Trokar flipping hook, 20-25lbs fluorocarbon, 1/2-1oz Tungsten flipping weights, and predominantly rigged on my Dobyns Champion 805 Flip/Punch rod, when I would fish it on the 1/2oz weight, I would drop down to my Champion 734C.

In practice for the Madison Chain event, the Kompak craw produced several bites and fish worked in milfoil and docks.  Our flipping bite fell apart during tournament, but I am excited to try them this weekend down on the Mississippi River!  I also hope to give the DarkStar swimmer as a go as well this weekend, check back in the future to learn more about the Swimmer and VibraGrub.

As for our contest winner……

Merideth Gifford is our big winner, so here is the selection of Vibra Grubs, DarkStar Swimmers & Kompak craws she will get a chance to tempt Oklahoma Bass with!

Hopefully Merideth will be posting some pics to my Facebook wall with here results soon!

Thanks again to Evolve Baits for their support of this blog, you can find most of their baits online for purchase here.

Videos of Super Bass Raise Many Questions…

I recently read some press releases and watched videos of super aggressive and large “Super Bass”.  Special breeds of bass called Gorilla and Tiger bass genetically cross bread to make a bass that grows fast and is incredibly aggressive.

So after reading release which I have inserted below, here are the questions that come to my mind:
How far North can Tiger bass live, say Minnesota?
How much do they cost?
Would my wife divorce me for digging a bass pond in my backyard?

Man-Eating Tiger Bass

The Tiger Bass…big and aggressive.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – With the cameras rolling from WKRG TV out of Mobile, AL, Spencer Ross of Chatom, Alabama, slipped his fingers into the waters of the private Bear Lake. In less than 5 seconds, a 6-pound bass attacked and bit Ross’ fingers. But, the quick-handed Ross brought his thumb under the bass’ jaw & snatched the Tiger Bass out of the water. “I’ve caught these man-eating Tiger Bass that weigh up to 10 lbs numerous times using this technique,” Ross explains.

Ross had been developing his hand-grabbing bass technique for several months. He’d noticed that when he threw bread or crackers off the dock and into the water, that the bluegills there began a feeding frenzy. “I also saw the bass move-in & start to feed on the bluegills,” Ross says. When only 3 or 4 would feed on the bluegills, the bass were very timid. But, when 8 or 10 bass moved-in to feed – especially the bass that weighed 10 lbs or more – these Tiger Bass started attacking the bluegills furiously. One day I stuck my fingers in the water & moved them like a bluegill. A bass came-up out of the water & bit my fingers.” After 3 or 4 more bass attacks, Ross wondered if he could grab hold of these bass by their jaws when they bit his fingers, like catfishermen hand-grab catfish in several southern states. His technique worked. “I’ve even had bass that weighed 10 lbs or more inhale my whole hand and bite my wrist,” Ross explains.

Man-eating Tiger Bass – a cross of a highly-aggressive northern male bass and a female Florida bass that has a history of producing offspring weighing 10 lbs or more – have been stocked in private ponds and lakes for the last several years. Two fishery scientists, Don Keller and Barry Smith of American Sport Fish Hatchery, wanted to solve the problem of stocking the Florida strain black bass that would grow quickly, but these bass were reluctant to bite artificial lures. “A bass in someone’s pond that weighs 10 pounds that no one can catch has very-little recreational value to the pond owner,” Smith explains. “But, if that same 10-pound bass bites aggressively, the fish can be caught and released by many anglers. That’s why Don and I developed the Tiger Bass.”

The proof of the aggressiveness of these big tiger bass is not only in these videos, but also in the catch records of Spencer Ross. “I fish the lake 3 days a week, all-year-long, and I’ve caught and released over 100 bass that have weighed 10 pounds or more from Bear Lake,” Ross reports. If you don’t believe the Tiger Bass will bite you, then check-out this video, shot by one of Ross’ friends ( The news department at WKRG TV out of Mobile, Ala., didn’t believe this tale either, until they sent-out a camera crew. See the results at ( To learn more about Tiger Bass, go to

Bassin’ Hiatus

Believe it or not, my wife has convinced me to go on a trip that will keep me away from the Minnesota Bass Opener  

Bottom line, won’t be much for bass fishing updates while I am in Ireland for next couple weeks.  You might find a few updates from my phone or tablet on the Facebook Page, but no hardcore blogging.   To not leave you hanging, I am going to leave my preliminary roster for Bassmater Fantasy Fishing on Toledo Bend.

Also, you still have two weeks to enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Sportsman’s Warehouse, get the details here.

Also, here is a picture of some goodies from Evolve Baits.  I will be fishing some of these Kompak Craws, Vibra Grubs & Darkstar Swimbaits, but in June you as a reader will have a chance to win some as well.